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Steam the cake with sea salt cheese. Light sweet and soft, addicted to one bite.

eprice_cn @ 2019/10/09

Let me have a look.

How many friends are there like me? Every afternoon from 1 pm to 3-4 o'clock, the mouth began to be unwilling to be lonely.

I always want to do things: I! Yes! Eat! East! West!

But what exactly do you want to eat? This is a millennium puzzle.

You can eat immediately and save the greedy insects. Still more Tasty does not occupy the stomach, can not miss the meal.

The most intimate and the most understanding of you, I will give you this kind of goods that I store all year round and replenish everything.

Steamed cake with sea salt cheese

The best match of sea salt and cheese is the soft Q, which makes people addicted to eating.

It can serve as an afternoon tea or a breakfast. Working overtime is hungry, and eating one can also top the stomach.

Moreover, the size is just right, not too big, and a few mouthful can be eaten, and there will be no burden of eating too much.

If you can't wait, you can start with a picture.

  • Lipstick recommended by a brother, good to let people OMG!

They all said, "not afraid of heaven, but afraid of Li Jiaqi oh my God".

For his "amazing", I often offer my wallet silently. For example, this steamed cake was first brought to the pit by him.

Not only delicious, but also cheap big bowl. Buying 1 boxes of money is only 1 of the cake shop.

Recommended to colleagues, friends, many people also hoarding several boxes at once, directly contracted for a month's breakfast and afternoon tea.

Of course, in addition to cheapness, can be "lipstick," the goods, the value must be online.

Look at this package of Mt Fuji with cherry blossoms. The proper day is small and refreshing. Gifts say hundreds of boxes and boxes.

  • Sea salt + cheese double crit, hit the taste buds.

Every time I eat this steamed cake, I haven't opened my mouth. It has begun to stir up appetite from the nasal cavity.

It is surrounded by egg and milk from inside to outside. The moment of opening the bag, the fragrance hits the taste buds, so that people can't help eating it quickly.

Delta emm.. Error demonstration, do not imitate.

Fermented delicate skin, soft Q shells.

Break it up, it's all Small holes in a dense and orderly manner. Like cotton like cotton texture.

Strong sea salt + cheese sandwich. It is a long hidden skill.

It doesn't taste monotonous, sweet and salty, and tastes good enough to make people scream oh my God!

The taste of soft Q shells. People are addicted to one bite, memorable and memorable.

Not only for breakfast, but also for snacks and afternoon tea. The family and the young are suitable. It's definitely a dark horse in the cake world.

  • Low temperature steaming, 35 days shelf life, fresh taste.

You know, when the steam cake was launched online, it was created. Daily sales 7000+ Record.

It is different from traditional high temperature steaming. Low temperature steaming process.

Because too high temperature is easy to cause the loss of nutrition, low temperature steaming can lock the taste of food properly.

Of course, in order to maintain a high standard of taste, strict control of other processes is also essential.

Select fresh and high quality raw materials, add fresh yellow tender tender cheese to the wheat flour, and fresh natural sea salt.

The production process does not add a drop of water, the ratio of clear oil.

The cake made is very close, soft and greasy, which is more delicate and delicate than barbecued whole grain and coarse grain bread.

Moreover, unlike the ordinary steamed cake that can be eaten on the market for 365 days a year, this cake Shelf life is only 35 days!

We can see its freshness, so do not hesitate to buy your brothers and sisters.

  • Breakfast or afternoon tea, whenever and wherever possible.

Every piece of cake is Individually packed, Don't worry about buying a box, you can't eat it all at once.

It was bought in August, and now it's gone.

A cup of milk or soy milk is served in the morning. It's a simple breakfast.

In the afternoon, when greediness, With fruit and tea, it is a rich afternoon tea.

Overtime, hungry, can also eat a top stomach.

In ordinary times, you can put your bag in the bag and eat it at any time.

One box is 500g, there are about 15. Now order, buy one get one free. 2 boxes only cost 36.8 yuan!

After counting it, only 1 yuan or so will keep up a few boxes at any time.

At this time, fruits at home must not be broken.

Sun drying all summer, the fruits of this season are not only exceptionally sweet, but also suitable for moistening autumn dryness.

So, I would like to recommend this regimen to both health and moistening dryness. Red fragrant pear!

With "Bai Guo Zong" The pear, which is known for its reputation, is fresh, sweet, delicious, crispy, juicy and nutritious. It is the best choice to solve the problem of autumn dryness.

And today's recommended red crisp cake is made from Sha Wo village.

Here, the soil is fertile and the light is sufficient. The taste is crisp and sweet, the skin is thin and full, and the appearance is green and red. In ancient times, the palace was also presented as a tribute.

It is not only big and full, but also keeps traditional planting. It can be eaten directly if natural fertilizer is applied.

It's good for your health and your health. The key is not to grow meat. It's autumn. The best choice.

The most important thing is that good food is not expensive. 8 Jin only 29.9 yuan. Compared to the market price is really too conscience!

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