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It's been a few years since they split up. Can they get together?

nd_ent @ 2020/05/22

Because of love, Zheng Shuang, 28, has been a hot spot in the entertainment circle. After all, Zheng Shuang and the three failed history of love, Zhang Han, Hu Yanbin or Zhang Heng have been known to be hot with Zheng Shuang on the screen or in the report, but the final result has been broken up in a very ungraced way.

This makes Shuang sister almost become a hot search body, 22 early in the morning, Zheng Shuang also took Hu Yanbin together on the hot search.

What's wrong with the old lovers?

In May 21st, Zheng Shuang and his guests, Xu Wei Zhou, talked about the contents of Shanghai men. Zheng Shuang was curious and asked if the sentence "Shanghai man was afraid of his wife" was true.

But chatting about Zheng Shuang suddenly thought of what, and self mockery said: "I do not know Shanghai man."

After finishing this sentence, Zheng Shuang probably realized that it was not right. Then she waved her hand to the other guests and said, "don't mention it."

Xu Weizhou, who was prepared to respond, seemed to be aware of the cause.

Why is it Zheng Shuang's own dig, Xu Weizhou directly Tucao: "no one wants to mention, it is your own hard to mention."

Netizens think that the "Shanghai man" refers to Zheng Shuang's second boyfriend, Hu Yanbin.

As one of the litigants, Hu Yanbin naturally felt the fact that he was cue.

Hu Yanbin seemed quite dissatisfied. Then he sent out the text directly and imitated Zheng Shuang's language format. He said, "the Northeast woman is very good. I can't decide the Northeast woman." please "don't mention it."

Hu Yanbin's attitude is clear, which naturally causes many women fans' dissatisfaction.

Zheng Shuang fans have left a message saying that Hu Yanbin is self serving and not cue. Why should he take his seat?

Cue was also criticized, which made Hu Yanbin even more upset.

After more than an hour, Hu Yanbin updated micro-blog again, and his words were sharp, pointing to Zheng Shuang pulling him out for speculation.

At the same time, Hu Yanbin also commented directly with Zheng Shuang fans in the comment area. He said, "come on, claim it, let me give up the position, and who will take it away!"

When questioned, Hu Yanbin even said, "what does anyone know? Are fans not human? Are fans not important?

What is worth mentioning is that Hu Yanbin commented on a commentary to help him in the commentary of the District, but only after the popularity of the top was cancelled.

This is also ridiculed by Zheng Shuang fans Sao operation.

After seeing his hot search, Hu Yanbin updated again, saying that he had prepared for the internet violence, but hoped that the public figures could think carefully before opening up, so that they would not "involve" others.

Hu Yanbin's meaning is obvious: he does not want to have any more contact with Zheng Shuang, nor does he want Zheng Shuang to mention himself again.

Recalling the sweet and honey of the two people when they were in love, the contrast with the present is really not the same.

In 2015, Zheng Shuang and Hu Yanbin and Zheng Shuang's parents had dinner together. The photos of two people were intimate and intimate.

After the exposure, Hu Yanbin sent micro-blog: "Happy Valentine's day, not that you have a sweetheart." But you have a lover. Best wishes to all lovers! " Default romance. Subsequently, Zheng Shuang's official account @ @ Zheng Shuang information station also issued a document saying, "it is good to acknowledge the commitment of the representative. I wish you a happy seventh day.

The two men once came to the point of marriage. When Zheng Shuang's birthday was over, Hu Yanbin dropped her to the place where she was filming, and gave her a gift. Zheng Shuang saw her trotting all the way, and was very happy.

But it didn't last long. In March 2016, two people were told to break up.

This break up made Zheng Shuang very sad. Zheng Shuang was not only photographed crying in the street, but also photographed in public smoking. During that time, she began to thin.

After the two men announced their breakup, Zheng Shuang was also shown to the other party's residence. Hu Yanbin also came to the front girlfriend to kill him.

Just when the netizens thought they were compound, Hu Yanbin gave micro-blog a tough talk, calling it the last meeting in their lives, and would delete all their contact ways in the future, and sincerely wish Zheng Shuang happiness.

Later, Zheng Shuang wrote a book and wrote two drops of love into the book.

In the book, she said that after six months of separation, she still did not come out.

For example, Zheng Shuang wrote 100 things about Hu Yanbin in her book, which shows that she is very earnest and devoted to this love affair. And because of this, it was sad at last.

Zheng Shuang revealed in his book the reason for the Breakup: "it's not love but love is exhausting."

From the lines can feel Zheng Shuang's love for this love, and hard work, but did not expect that in the end, she and Hu Yanbin still broke up.

Hu Yanbin said he was surprised, and responded in micro-blog: "never thought someone would write me into this book, and forget who I am, just to support you."

This is not Zheng Shuang's first cue ex boyfriend.

As early as 2017, Zheng Shuang was frisked for her love affair. She opened a micro-blog question and answer to her father and her father.

Dad, a question costs 666 yuan, Shuang Zi needs 6666 yuan. The onlookers' answer costs $1, and makes hundreds of thousands of money at once. The problem involves ex boyfriend, ex ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend, and even a miserable collaboration with male entertainers.

The move of Zheng Shuang and his daughter also attracted many netizens' dissatisfaction.

However, in Zheng Shuang's fans, Hu Yanbin himself often cue to Zheng Shuang.

There are fans statistics, Hu Yanbin in the "creative camp 2019", "temptation of dinner," "Tucao conference" and other variety shows, more than once cue to Zheng Shuang.

Many netizens say that "take all you want" is written by Hu Yanbin to Zheng Shuang, because the creation time of this song is very short after their breakup.

But this argument has not been officially recognized, neither Hu Yanbin nor Zheng Shuang responded directly.

In creative camp 2019, when Hu Yanbin asked Hu Yanbin what the background of the song was, it was only for the first time that he answered the question. He said it was because a friend of his time had broken up and the song was written to his next girlfriend.

Is this "my friend is me" series?

But associating with Hu Yanbin, he said that after the two broke up, he deleted all the contact ways and wanted to know who he wrote to him.

In the "temptation of the dinner party" in the variety show, Zheng Shuang mentioned his ex girlfriend Hu Yanbin very much. However, it is also revealed that one of the flaws is that girlfriend likes to play dove.

During their love affair with Zheng Shuang, they were supposed to see Zheng Shuang's parents. Unexpectedly, he ended up traveling alone. Zheng Shuang was unable to accompany him because he had a temporary job.

Hu Yanbin thought he could not go back on his word because he had an appointment. Fortunately, Hu Yanbin and Zheng Shuang's parents still get along very well in the whole process of going to their girlfriends' home.

But in the end, he realized that it was Zheng Shuang's deliberate arrangement to test his boyfriend's ability to get along well with his family.

Although Hu Yanbin finally passed the test of Zheng Shuang, Hu Yan said that the situation did embarrass him.

Even the host next to him opened his mouth and said it was unbelievable.

When asked whether it would be combined, Hu Yanbin also said "no".

As a matter of fact, women fans now feel that Hu Yanbin is so "double mark".

When it comes to ex boyfriend, Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang split up after that.

Zhang Han had nothing to do with a picture of the beef noodle.

It is because of this bowl of beef noodles that Zhang Han was bombarded by Zheng Shuang fans: Zheng Shuang is so thin, do you mean to eat beef noodles?

Ask Zhang Han's psychological shadow area??

To this day, Hu Yanbin and Zheng Shuang are in a great uproar. Many melon users still ran to this famous "beef noodle" micro-blog.

Zhang Han also said that when Hu Yanbin was half a year ago, he could not eat a bowl of beef noodles.

In fact, after breaking up, in fact, it is not necessarily necessary to be enemies. There are plenty of good predecessors in the entertainment circle.

For example, Hu Ge's ex girlfriend Jianing Xue and Hu Ge once said, "my biggest regret is that I have never thanked her in public."

Hu Ge and Jianing Xue once had a love affair. Later, Hu Ge was seriously injured in a traffic accident. Jianing Xue was able to take care of Hu Ge and take him home. So Hu Ge began to repair, and Jianing Xue gave up his just red career and accompanied him for a whole year, more than 300 days in a row.

Until January 2016, Hu Ge accepted the interview with Lu Yu, talking about Jianing Xue, sobbing and saying, "she is really good." After that, I put on tears.

Another example is Wallace Huo and Joe Chen. In 2003, the two people fell in love with each other because of their TV series "a thousand gold and 100 cents", but soon broke up.

After breaking up, Wallace Huo also replied: "I have a period with Joe Chen, but after the shooting, we broke up. We are not at all suitable for our personality. We also have a different understanding of love. I just need to sprint in my career."

Although two people did not make lovers, the two were still good friends in private. Especially after ten years, two people worked together again to shoot "laughing and fighting rivers and lakes". At that time, there were still many people shouting together. It is gratifying to find their own love now.

Faye Wong and Li Yapeng still don't forget each other after they divorced. They often interact with each other on micro-blog.

Also because children often get together, Li Yapeng has negative news. Faye Wong, an ex-wife, came out first in micro-blog.

To sum up, there are many couples who do not hurt each other after breaking up, but choose to bless each other and grow together. It is precisely because we meet each other that we become what they are today.

Looking back at the present Zheng Shuang and Hu Yanbin, the past is gone with the wind. After all, those who have loved each other, or want to leave some feelings for each other.

Write: Lily Lin two

Editorial assistant: Tang Zihan