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Spaniards, dangerous

txzqwx @ 2020/06/29

Watch the blue word "world football" quickly.

The most emotional football is here.

No miracle, no surprises. At home against Real Madrid, the Spaniard did not play a miracle like gatderby. Wu Lei was not the leading player, and the team lost the ball.

The Spaniard has had a lot of setbacks this season. Before the match with Real Madrid, the club official announced that the coach of the team, evilla LDO, was stepping down from office and led by lafette to complete the rest of the race. Before that, Jagger and Ma Qin had already dismissed the squad leader from the Spanish squad. Before the current round of the Spanish Liga, Wu Lei's team was 8 points behind the ashore area. Only by defeating the Real Madrid can the hope of relegation be extended.

We might as well first comb out the dismal achievements of the first three managers: gagago led the team in 8 games, winning only 1 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses. After losing 0 to 2 in Mallorca, the club has already lost patience. Ma Qin, after gaggo, has not regressed and has regressed. The first 8 games of the coach have only scored 4 points. At 5, there was no consultation.

Alberto's first show was stunning, relying on Wu Lei's goal and Spaniard's 2 to 2 draw against Barcelona, which became the last straw of red and blue coach Valverde. The parrot regiment's half League performance is fixed in the 19 round and 11 points. Looking back at the history of Spanish League, whether the real strength of a team is higher than that of the relegation zone, it is a penalty score. But at that time, the whole world was praising Wu Lei and ignoring the cruel facts that might be demoted.

Yes, before the Spanish Liga stopped, the Spaniard was the vice squad leader, seventeenth points behind the Celtic 6 points. Considering that there were 11 rounds in the league, the road of relegation was not desperate. Moreover, in the two matches after the rematch, the Spaniard first won the relegation opponent Weiss by Wu Lei's goal 2 to 0, and then at the extreme disadvantage of the game, 0 to 0 shook hands with heatafei, while the relegation competitor did not win at the same time, which made the parrot Legion's Road to be seen brighter.

However, football is a box of chocolates, this one is sweet, and the next one may be bitter. In the thirtieth round of the league match, the Spanish people lost 1 to 3 at home, and the situation became delicate again. Eli Gane J and Mallorca shook hands and pushed the Spaniards back to the position of the vice squad leader. But this is not the key to the problem, because Celtic's 6 - 0 victory over Alves is far away from the relegation zone.

Immediately after that, the battle of celA defeated the Royal Society, and the Spaniards were not able to defeat Bettis, who was equally unsuccessful in the season. The club executives lost patience again and raised the butcher's knife to him. Frankly speaking, in the 13 round of competition, he won 15 points. If the league is starting to be efficient, the Spaniards can completely relegate, but competitive sports only look at the result. At the most critical moment, Wu Lei's team has no retreat.

In fact, such a sad situation is the whole Spanish team did not think of it. Last season, under the leadership of Ruby, Iglesias stabilized output, and the team made the effort to enter the European theater in the future. It made people look forward to a brand-new journey. As a result, the team's top scorer joined the manager to Bettis. In the case of a two line operation, the Spanish "the Spanish League is a yes man and the European Union is fighting hard." the team may think that the short slump is no problem, but with the deepening of the race, it is found that the problem is not so simple.

The season has not yet ended, Spaniard has experienced four managers, so "Sao operation" amazing, the team has a stable tactical play is obviously Arabian Nights. In such an environment, Wu Lei's performance was also ups and downs. He had the high light of Kate's derby, and also won the MVP in the victory over Alves, but most of the time he was sitting on the bench, or he was quietly replaced. Just second seasons in the ocean, Wu Lei has already realized the cruelty of European football.

Faced with the Real Madrid champion, Spaniards almost all the way down, Casey Milo scored the only goal before half-time, the miracle did not happen. After this war, in the case of 6 rounds left in Spanish Liga, Spaniards fell by seventeenth of the Celtic tower by 10, and in the face of royal society, Barcelona and Valencia, the relegation remained theoretical.

Most of the Spaniards' difficulties were caused by "man-made disasters", and the team's improper selection led to a deep hole in the beginning. In order to make up for a hole, more holes were left out, and the double line operation made the team choose the wrong strategy. The European Union Cup did not help in the knock-out. After that, it turned out that the League had already been eaten up. There is no correct strategic choice, there is no consistent tactical play, when the spirit is not as good as competitors, the outcome seems to have been doomed.

"Spaniard, danger" - this topic seems to run through the season, but at the moment it appears so real. Maybe the parrot Legion can create a relegation miracle just like Kroto Hei in Serie A of 2016/17, but the greater probability is to drop to grade B. Wu Lei is also thinking about his future. Is it a move to stay in the top league, or a promise to go down with the team? Whatever the answer is, it is bound to trigger a great wave.