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"GRIS" national service, Noah's heart and other new works announced, a variety of game stalls: Tencent game annual conference summary

TapTap_Game @ 2020/06/28

Teng The annual conference of the Xun game was held online today. For the first time, the conference unveiled several new works, and released some tests and on-line time for some games.

Announcement of new works

Aesthetic adventure game GRIS "National service announcement"

"Every shot can be wallpaper" adventure game "GRIS". With colorful expression, it conveys everything to Gris. Fossilization, flying, diving and singing etc. Gris ability They correspond to the desert forest, the sky and the sea in the map. ; Water, caves, ice, and trees all have their own natural sounds.

at present The journey of grace The on-line date has not yet been disclosed.


New hand travel Noah's heart announced

Noah's heart will be a true planet exploration tour. Players can explore and explore different world puzzles in the seamless spherical map.

Announcement of "true Three Kingdoms"

This is a game of unparalleled action, including fetters, skills, team replication, rubbing, custom map editing and other playing.

A kind of

Action card hand tour "Street Fighter: Duel" announced

It includes QTE combo and common play, and is expected to start testing soon.

The great master: the great universe

The stereo system of 100 thousand players can walk freely in the position.

"Alloy warhead code J" announced

This is an authorized hand tour, which is characterized by interaction with the environment.

Some works are released online and tested.

2D Cross Version combat game " DungeonFighter M announced that it will be launched in August 12th. Hand tour re drew the 2D pixel wind screen and optimized the mobile terminal, including Transfer, skills and equipment, skills interrupt release mechanism, players can explore the abyss, epic, multiplayer copies, once again experience the adventure of the Arab League.  

MMORPG Dragon Valley 2 It will be launched in July 9th. The game will include new dragon version Boss, more PVP play and new role female pastor, etc. Altria continent The map of the great world takes risks.

Water puzzles Song of everlasting regret in painting Announced that it was on line in July 16th. Game With the verse of everlasting regret as the main hurdle, players can solve puzzles by changing pictures, painting and looking for pictures.

"Tianya Mingyue Dao" Hand tour will open the ultimate test in August 2020.

Guo man Adaptation 3D MM ORPG Qin Shi Mingyue world The test will be launched in July 10th and is expected to be launched at the end of the year. Game provide Equipment, martial arts, partners, etc. Play, create interactive The Qin time world.  

Pastoral business tour KOMORI life The test was announced in June 30th. Players can play in the idyllic world. Farming, harvesting, cutting firewood Build your own home, or explore the secrets of your hometown. 。  

Instant card game Spiral storm It will be launched in July 2nd. In 3 minutes of each match, players can build, collect cards, and think strategies to defeat opponents.  

Dream of the new world Will be opened in the near future test 。 this It is a 3D round hand tour made by UE4 engine. Players will pass through the mysterious Mahaja tribe, the ancient Golden State. A magnificent air fortress. A fantastic adventure.

Prevention of Science Popularization Game Battle of health Summer censored test. The player acts as a commander in the game, directing immune cells to fight with pathogens. Through the body map, campaign, customs, comics and other play, understand the working mechanism and principles of immune function, learn health knowledge.


MMORPG tour of the same name Qingyu year Summer test, the background of the game is set up in the interlaced world of Jianghu and temples.



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