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You can't change anyone else.

m318688 @ 2019/12/23

I used to like to give advice to others, especially to my friends. I always think that since we are brothers of the same sex, if we see or hear him have any improper remarks or actions, he will be unfaithful if he does not speak bluntly. Until then, he watched him turn a deaf ear to my advice and follow his own course. Then I realized that not everyone would accept the suggestion. You can't change other people, you can only change yourself.

In augmented virtuous literature, "Li Wei takes a heavy load and speaks lightly without persuading people. "You can not persuade others, not because you say something unreasonable, but in the other side's view, your strength is not strong enough. Only when you become strong enough and good enough, will he be willing to listen to you, then he will value your words. When you are insignificant in the other's mind, you'd better keep silent, listen more and speak less. In doing so, we will not destroy ourselves first. Secondly, it is not difficult to be the other side.

Everyone is not isolated and always has to deal with others, so there are various relationships between people. The easiest mistake we make is to always treat acquaintances as friends, especially those we like. In fact, he does not associate with you to listen to you. If you follow his own criteria, let him listen to you and act according to the rules you agree with.

Everyone has his own value orientation, so it is difficult to be changed easily. You may think he is right. Think of it, you don't want to change yourself. How can he change himself for you? Therefore, Allah did not transform anyone into anyone else. Only when we become excellent can others listen to our words. Allah said: "You cannot guide them, but Allah can guide the person he desires. "(2: 272)

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