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This week's stock decline list, the most miserable stock week loss of nearly 34%, the Shanghai Stock Index weekly line five even Yin.

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/12/01

This week's A share market, though the MSCI index is third degrees, is also the biggest expansion of the good stimulus. The Shanghai and Shenzhen Tong Kong data show that foreign investment in the A shares this week is obvious, with a total net income of about 40 billion yuan, but the overall performance of A shares is still not optimistic. The Shanghai stock index rebounded on Monday, followed by the trend of four consecutive days from Tuesday to Friday. Finally, the whole week came down, the Shanghai stock index fell 0.46%, and the weekly line five five.

In terms of stocks, the number of weekly ups and downs is 1441:2172, and the stocks are mainly on the decline. Most investors experienced further evaporation of wealth this week. Among them, 11 of them fell more than 20% a week, 63 of them fell by 10% over the week, and 374 of them fell by 5% over the week.

Among them, Philippine week fell 33.74% to become the first week in this week's stock market decline. The main wood flooring and the whole family custom furniture R & D, design, production and sale of Filin Geer in June 2017 IPO landing on A stock exchange, with small disk new and since the listing of net profit continued growth drive, since October last year continued to get the favor of the fund, from October 2018 of the lowest 10.17 yuan / share up to November this year, the highest 38.76 yuan / share, but this rally last week, however, there is no major bad news, but profit margins crazy surge, after last week fell 27.07% to become the weekly stock market decline list second, this week again fell 33.74%, directly "ranked" this week decline.

Hongyu new material fell 31.84% by week, becoming the second place in this week's stock decline list. Sales and application of technology services have been reduced to shell and resource stocks in the two tier market. Since the SFC announced that the GEM stocks could not be backloaded, the Hongyu new material was fired by the aura of the leading brands of gem and shell resources. Later, the company did suspend the reorganization, but it threw out a "price of 631 million yuan to buy platinum's 75% stake, and cut into the mobile Internet industry", which is far less than the market expected restructuring plan. Various funds poured out and triggered a sharp fall. Last Wednesday, after the resumption of the company, the company's three links fell to a halt, and 27.12% fell to second as the weekly stock market fell. Main research and development, design and production of wear-resistant castings.

And Dongjing electronics fell 29.82% weekly, becoming the third place in the weekly stock market decline. Dongjing electronics, the main R & D, production and sale of quartz crystal components, has attracted much attention in recent years because of the incident of radish chapter, planning to acquire and merge the heroes of the new three board enterprises, which has attracted the attention of the market, and because of the backdoor strength of the hero's mutual amusement, the company's strength has been limited to four consecutive plates. However, with the announcement of the company's termination of the merger and merging of heroes and entertainment, this week's share price has fallen into a heavy setback.

This week's top 50 list is listed as follows:

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