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What will I wear next week? You missed the difference of 2000 yuan between China and Europe.

cosmochina @ 2019/12/23

2019 is the world of hobo.

Looking at the street for the first two days, I found that my little sister who had never been able to wear did not miss hobo. If you wrap it in a thick winter, it will be exquisite to carry such a handbag.

Jing Yuan car

Zheng Shuang and Yang Mi

Prada hobo has become the biggest winner in this year's bag business. In the summer, everyone was carrying Vintage out of the street. In autumn and winter, the brand launched a duplicate edition, and all kinds of colors were optional, and everyday was broken.

Hobo selling well is not unreasonable. Not only is it easy to use, but also can be installed to fully satisfy everyday travel.

Recently, a new wrinkle has been introduced. It's quite unique.

The only drawback of hobo is that the difference between China and Europe is too big, Europe is 450 euro, and the domestic price is 5400 yuan, which is nearly two thousand yuan.

Winter wears fat?
You lost a handbag.

It is undeniable that hand carry bags are the bonus points for winter modeling.

IU Lee Ji Eun

Song Zuer
Bag: Valetra

Lim Yoona recently simply and rudely transformed his satchel into a handbag, which seemed to be very spiritual.

Lim Yoona
Bag: Miu Miu

Lim Yoona
Bag: Prada

Sister Zheng also gave up the long shoulder strap and carried the bag.

Zheng Xiujing and Jung Soo Yeon

Jung Soo Yeon
Bag: Bvlgari X Alexander Wang Cooperation Fund

This winter, some plastic bags are especially pleasing, and they are also very cute.

Zheng Yi Lin
Bag: Little Black
Selling price: About 800 yuan.

Ya ya
Bag: Alexander Wang

Endless bags of vintage can not be missed, thousands of yuan, can not afford to buy can not be fooled.


How many girls dream of Kylie's cabinet? The rich certainly did not hesitate to follow her pick small platinum, how to carry it all through the full screen high! Class!

Stars do not buy the same money.

In order to avoid bumping into bags, COCO chooses to buy the same funds with the eyed ones.

Ouyang Nana

Don't look at Ouyang, Nana is young. Her bag inventory is shocking. For example, hobo, she started haze blue, and used it once. After all, she has too many choices.

Ouyang Nana
Bag: Prada

By Far's handbag is the love of Ouyang Nana. It starts with two colors of black and butter green. It's more like a small bag than a bag. It's more like an accessory on a body than a bag.

Ouyang Nana
Bag: By Far

COCO went to the official website to have a look. This total of 21 colors, not worry about what you like, worry about all you want to buy.

Price: 450 Euro

Ouyang and Nana loved Hermes Picotin bucket bag, trumpet pink and doll hanging ornaments in the summer.

Ouyang Nana
Bag: Hermes

Picotin is made of soft leather cowhide. It can also be installed. The disadvantage is that it is not sealed, not very safe, but the rich do not care! Pink is more popular than girls.

Song Yan Fei

Pu Xiao Min

In Han Guochao's list of women, Pu Xiaomin deserves his name. Pu Xiaomin is the kind of athlete who has a variety of styles. Sometimes he is sexy and sometimes strong.

It can replace queen Hermes and create Nabi's By Far Mini handbag.

Bag: Hermes

Bag: By Far

Pu Xiaomin's daily bags are not repeated. The black bucket of Ala A is a rare bag from summer to winter.

Bag: Ala a

Ala's a clothing from Italy is good at sexy routes, while bags are the technology of attracting hands. The laser carving of this bucket is the most classic technology used in the bag, and its recognition is very high. The small mirror with adjustable wrist strap and inner bag is the fragrance of the fragrance.

Pu Xiaomin is also very fond of Louis Vuitton in his small handbag. I used a lacquer face waist bag and a square cosmetic bag, all of which came from vintage. It has to be said that in the field of aesthetics, Ernie has quite a set.

Bag: Louis Vuitton

COCO, "your devil," took a look at the official website. Louis Vuitton's latest SPRING STREET is the perfect fusion version of these two bags. Inspired by the design launched by Marc Jacobs of the original dress designer in 1999, the bag is decorated with Monogram Vernis lacquer cowhide, with a kind of neat and avant-garde style. Buy! It!

Bag: Louis Vuitton
Price: 15800 yuan.

Kaia Gerber

Kaia will wear a lot of love Prada Sidonie Saffiano armpit bag, all black with matching coat tough and handsome.

This bag is a flat design. It needs to put things neatly in order to put them in a lot. But on the other hand, the whole skin has good texture and is suitable for clamping under the armpit.

Bag: Prada

Kaia another commonly used canvas fabric, crescent shaped handbag is also from Prada. The shape is similar to that of hobo, but the texture is quite different: the design of the buckle is more mature and more mature, much like the commuter bag in 90s.

Bag: Prada

Kaia, like most girls, tries to try small jumps of color jumping. From the small brand Medea's handbag, Kaia buys two, all are bright colors.

Bag: Medea

Italy brand Medea, which combines artistry and craftsmanship, is especially "exclusive". The bag of the whole shop is only a "shopping bag" style. But the colors and sizes are very rich to ensure that they are cross stitch.

Buy it, you bring it!

Star money is obviously not the only option to buy bags, and we can also be the fashion leading fashions.

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie

COCO struggled for a long time to replace hobo. Until Bottega Veneta's latest mini size Jodie was introduced, the two eyes could no longer be moved away from it.

Jodie should be the most old BV bag built by Daniel Lee. In the past, the crescent moon bag type is only 20 years old.

Bottega Veneta is best at making leather. This bag adopts the most classic knitting elements of the brand, and the texture is natural. What is even more exciting is that the fresh cream is too tender. (COCO went to the store to try and install the cell phone!)

Price: 13800 yuan.

Alexander Wang Medium Pouch

Wang Daren has been in the limelight for two years, and this year he will take off. First, the Bvlgari Cooperation Fund was launched, and then the cooperation with McDonald's was launched.

With regard to bags, Wang Daren is undoubtedly the leading fashion player. This year's autumn and winter sparkling crystal decoration, this mahjong bag COCO 10086 times! The upper body guarantee is the most luxurious girl in the evening.

Bag: Alexander Wang

In fact, mahjong bags are also perfect for daily use. The package has inherited the great simplicity of the design, the width of 18cm, the loosening of loose phones and other common items. COCO has not started yet. It is not because there is no money, but it is difficult to decide which color to choose.


The Miista woven bag is the most affordable and characteristic hobo substitute that COCO can find. The satin weave design of the bag is very novel, with a variety of leaping colors and a youthful sense of liveliness.

COCO, who has already started, has to praise that it is really good. Any shape matching Miista woven bag is very bright. In addition, the bag is very flexible, and the infinite capacity is visual perception.


The classic style of niche brand TBILISI is a bit like The Row The Ascot satin bag, but the pearl decoration is used to increase the sense of retro feeling in the handle position.

TBILISI was founded by two "IT Girl" Nino Eliava and Ana Mokia from Georgia. Pearl is one of the most popular decorative elements of the brand, which also makes the bag look immortal.


The New York brand APEDE MOD, a Chinese American designer, has only been established for 3 years, but it has a group of loyal fans with the design concept of decorative art.

Take the Froggy recommended today, there is a very large chain decoration on the bag, which can be removed. Three backups, long shoulder straps can be carried by shoulder clips, with various colors and styles.

Next week, pick up a nice little bag and look good on it!

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