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Intercom industry poly Haixi, Shan Li Tong Yi shine

djjworld @ 2019/02/23

2019 Two month Nine Japan, Haixi electronic products exhibition (referred to as the new year " The electronics exhibition " ) in Cheng Hui International Exhibition Center opening. The electronics show has gone through fourteen years of careful cultivation, the scale and impact of rising, gradually become a major event in intercom industry. This The exhibition brings together at home and abroad One More than 20 Brand exhibitors, attracting thousands of producers and buyers to purchase the exhibition.


It is reported that, This exhibition area Three thousand Square meters, standard booths Two hundred A rollover from Two month Nine Continued to Two month Ten Day. Compared with the previous year, the larger the size of the exhibition, exhibitors are more professional, more abundant.


reason Invited to the exhibition. On the same day in the exhibition, Good reason The latest upgrade 2 and intercom system platform C22 The terminal has attracted a large number of onlookers, the Where B16-B17 booth, people always streams of people busily coming and going.

Real time video demo

2 good management system platform For 4G, the user experience to create. The use of high speed 4G The network provides high quality HD voice, reducing call quality, bring low delay call experience. The rich features, including real-time video function, the position of the electronic fence function based on more shine in the exhibition, by the acclaim.


Good partners with China Mobile and the intercom C22 terminal The endless exploration, adhering to the artisan spirit, always seeking the best combination of technology and practical, with inherent design exquisite beauty and strong blessing, brings the perfect experience, by the majority of dealers concern.



Chill, but we are enthusiastic. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the good buddies with you pay New Year's call in the booth, thanks to the support of our distributors and partners.


Need a good voice intercom, intercom, do, need professional spirit. The future, good governance will continue to be the professional spirit, continue to explore in the industry, and we write 4G network intercom Two A new chapter of the era.


The future, let us wait and see!