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150, mix and match style decoration, elegant, simple, gentle and elegant temperament, beautiful home! Mix and match style decoration

yuanbaomama889 @ 2019/12/23

A kind of
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A kind of
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What I recommend today is the decoration of 150 mixed masks. The owners like the elegance of the American style and the classical simplicity of the Chinese style. The whole style is mainly American, and some Chinese elements are added. The integration of the two styles does not show any trace. It is very natural for the owner to present a "gentle and elegant" home.



The entrance to the door has been added with a top cabinet.
Meeting functional requirements at the same time
It also solved the embarrassment of entering the bedroom.
Played a role in maintaining privacy.
The vestibule cabinet and the small storage room of the original hall.
Form an enclosed and independent entrance space.

You can see the restaurant from the hallway.
Although the vestibule cabinet occupied some of the restaurant space.
But it doesn't affect the sense of space in the restaurant.

A living room

Strong sense of lines and furniture.
Large volume is a typical characteristic of American style.
From the porch to the guest Restaurant
Nowhere is this characteristic reflected.
It has a strong American style.

The designer only took a dark blue in Chinese style.
It was used on the sofa background wall.
In order to better transition to American style
The living room sofa is brighter and bluish green.

The TV wall is decorated with white wall panels.
Matching with old wooden TV cabinets
With green plants
Give people a simple and natural feeling.

The old tea table is echoed with the TV cabinet.
Contrast with sofa's "new and gorgeous".
More thought-provoking


Layout in each space
And housing owners' preferences
Habits are closely related.
Every family is different.
The man in this case is tall and tall.
I like American style and Chinese style.
Regular guest restaurant layout
It makes space seem crowded.
There is not even an access to other rooms.

Dining cabinet and living room TV cabinet
The coffee table is the same series of products.
Echo each other Add nostalgia to space
The storage room opposite the restaurant.
The design of invisible door is adopted.
The modeling language of door panels is consistent with that of wall panels.
Better overall sense


Kitchen space with blue and white
Refreshing and neat
Golden hardware enhances space texture.

Master bedroom

Light colored background and dark wood bed & bedside cupboard
The colors are deep, light, light and heavy.
Reached the balance of perception.
Bring leisure and comfort
Return to innocence experience

Retro wooden furniture
Metal handles are also retro smells.

Children's room

At first glance, she knew it was her daughter's house.
Soft pink and soft background matching.
Elegant and gentle without losing the sweet and lovely girl.

On the side of the bedside window is an open storage cabinet.
Use the storage box to collect all kinds of toys for children.
Classification is easy to get.
It also allows children to form good finishing habits.

A living room

The study is a multi-functional space.
Tatami + wardrobe + bookcase, desk customization
The space is got.
Full and effective use
Strong storage

The desk is dark green.
Very small and refreshing.
It also has a certain effect on relieving visual fatigue.


Demolished the two walls of the original laundry room.
Included in the main bedroom
A row of wardrobes was added to the aisle.

The figure above is the layout of the main Wei.
The size and function are perfect.

The second half fully considered the demand for storage.
Partition on top of toilet
Side open storage cabinet
And the design of the niche in the shower area.
All kinds of sanitary cleaners also have their own safety.
It will also keep the space clean and comfortable.

Love home and love life

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Chinese:150㎡混搭风格装修,典雅古朴温文尔雅的气质美家!| 混搭风格装修