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Sweet, crisp, crisp and charming. It's so convenient and delicious.

shiweipapa @ 2019/12/23

Walnuts have a lot of nutritious value, but the peeled walnuts often have astringency, which makes children do not like eating. This astringency is derived from tannin substances wrapped in thin outer skins outside the walnut kernel. In order to get rid of this astringency, there is actually a more convenient and tasty way to get rid of the outer skin, which is to make amber walnut kernel.

The traditional way of amber walnut is to boil syrup, but if the syrup is not cooked enough, it will often lead to sticky teeth. The recipe I shared today is made of oven, which is more convenient and easier to grasp, and the success rate will be much higher.

Wrapped in "sugar" walnut kernel, not only the appearance is more attractive, but also less bitter, more sweet and crisp, really delicious!

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Amber walnut kernel
Food / timber

Walnut kernel 100g

Maple syrup 25g

Fine sugar 10g

White sesame 10g

Lemon 3 slices

Tools: Oven, Tang Guo

Skilled time consuming: 45mins

Reference age: 3 years old And above

Suitable target: Babies who are not allergic to the above ingredients

Do / Law

- 1 -

100g walnut kernel in cold water.

- 2 -

Add 3 slices of lemon.

Lemon can effectively remove the astringency in walnuts.

- 3 -

After a big fire, cook for 2~3 minutes.

- 4 -

Fish out and drain excess moisture.

A little humidity is needed to facilitate the operation behind.

- 5 -

Sprinkle with 10g sugar and mix well.

This amount of sugar is the lowest. It is not recommended to reduce it. If the sugar is not enough, it will not be able to wrap the walnuts.

- 6 -

Then pour 25g maple syrup into the mixture, add it once per time and mix it with a small spoon.

Maple syrup can also be replaced with honey.

- 7 -

Then sprinkle with 10g white sesame and mix well again.

- 8 -

The spacing code is good on the baking pan.

Bake directly on the baking tray. If you use oil paper, it is easy to adhere after baking.

- 9 -

Place the baking tray in the oven preheated to 140 degrees, and bake it for 140 minutes on the top and bottom for 140 degrees.

Pay attention to the coloring situation. For the oven with large temperature, it is easy to bake paste if it is not noticed. It is better to adjust the temperature difference before baking with the thermometer before baking. In addition, if there is no oven, microwave oven can also be used. But keep your time well, keep your eyes on it, don't bake it.

- 10 -

Turn the walnut kernel into a hot area and avoid sticking to the bottom after cooling.

Once thoroughly cooled, the taste will become crispy. If it is found that the teeth are sticky after cooling, it can be returned to roast for a while without baking.

If you can't eat one time, you can seal it in a sealed container at room temperature and finish it in 3~5 days.

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