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At the age of 17, the seafloor waiter is now 3 billion: poor fortune teller and rich incense, and the real success depends on the direction.

icypai @ 2019/10/09

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When you go all the way to the distance, you will suddenly notice that in the future, the leap of class will happen quietly.

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There is an undeniable fact that the world is quietly dividing.

But in this era, there will always be such a kind of people who can transcend their families, blood ties and environment, and be able to break away from the fetters of the times and let the world see differently.

Either you or him. There are always people who can pierce the top of their heads and become their heroes.


Zhang Yong, the founder of the sea fishing market, has become the richest Chinese top 50 from 5 billion fortune in 2017 to 60 billion now.

But Zhang Yong and his wife, who were 17 years old, followed Zhang Yong as a waitress. Yang Lijuan rose to 3 billion when he was listed on the bottom of the sea. He was called China's best waiter.
In September 26, 2018, the founder Zhang Yong and Yang Lijuan (figure right) appeared on the clock.
Yang Lijuan was born in a village in Jianyang, Sichuan. It was a family that had no hope at all.

The two brothers failed in their honeycomb business, and they owed a big loan.

In order to repay debts, the family had to go to work. At that time, Yang Lijuan, who was a junior high school student, could only drop out of school and work in a small restaurant in downtown Jianyang.

According to this script, she should be carrying plates, washing dishes and serving dishes. He worked to earn money to repay his debts to his brother, and then married an honest man, giving birth to a child.

Here she met Zhang Yong.

At that time, Zhang Yong had just set up Baidu, and often had meals at Yang Lijuan's restaurant in his spare time. He found the little girl very intelligent and asked her: how much do you earn a month?

Yang Lijuan is very honest: "120 yuan a month."

Zhang Yong's heart immediately counted. At that time, the waiter in Jianyang could only take 80 a month. The little girl could take 120.

At that time, just started business, Zhang Yong is also short of manpower, such a talent can not let go, asked Yang Lijuan: "I give you a month 160, you come to me to do it."

Yang Lijuan just smiled and said, "thank you. Let me see."

At that time, she did not realize that she had missed an opportunity to change her destiny.

However, she and seabed eventually had affinity. Before long, her boss turned off the shop and wanted to go to Guangdong, hoping Yang Lijuan would go along.

Grandma Yang Lijuan was not willing to give up, and firmly opposed it. At this time, unemployed Yang Lijuan remembered Zhang Yong. She found the store on the bottom of the sea. Once asked, the monthly salary was 160 yuan.

Yang Lijuan without a word, on the same day, he worked as a waiter at the bottom of the sea. Perhaps she did not know what the two meeting with Zhang Yong meant.


Coming to the bottom of the sea, Yang Lijuan soon discovered that it was very different to be a waiter here.

"The rhythm is very fast, you have to go for a quick run; there will be a master who will follow you to learn, how to care for employees and how to care for the guests; the boss will force you to do well every day and do not do well in your daily work, and also force you to learn computers and learn driving licenses."

At first, Yang Lijuan was very uncomfortable. He came to be a waiter. He only had primary school diploma. Why did he write a summary and study computer?

But she did not feel the same way as ordinary young people, but she did not do it. She firmly believed that what her boss Zhang Yong had said was reasonable, even if he did not understand it now.

When did people begin to grow old? It is the instant that no longer learns to be enterprising.

When other employees fish in troubled waters, she keeps writing summaries every day, and often goes to Xinhua Bookstore to read books.

When the other girl got paid for the flower skirt, she kept silent, bought a keyboard, asked the copy shop to teach her to type, then saved up 7000 yuan to buy a computer, then returned a computer class for a month.

Yang Lijuan, 17 years old, has insisted on such things as waiters, ingredients, dishes and cash. Everything was done once, almost half a year, and finally to the lobby manager.

It wasn't long before Zhang Yong prepared second bathing and old stores in Jianyang and gave them to Yang Lijuan.

That year, Yang Lijuan was 19 years old.


No money, no background, does not mean forever mediocrity. Yang Lijuan is young, but his ability is reliable, and has become Zhang Yong's number one general.

2 years later, Zhang Yong decided to let the seafloor get out of Sichuan, set up a branch in Xi'an, and sent Yang Lijuan to manage independently.

At that age, many people haven't graduated from university or parents are the apple of their eyes. But Yang Lijuan can afford everything in a store.

Even at the age of 21, Yang Lijuan can convince more than 100 employees. The answer is very simple. What's wrong with her? She thinks there's always one -- how can I solve this problem?

Seabed fishing shop opened in Xi'an, the door opened, there are not many people from morning till night. For half a year, Yang Lijuan lived in a restaurant and slept less than 6 hours a day, weighing less than 80 Jin.

Later, she said, "at that time, the taste was very bad, and the people in the street wanted to pull the well dressed people into the shop."

If there were no guests, they had to find a way to find the guests. Yang Lijuan was forced to rush to see the small ads on the streets. He thought that the small ads for the certificates and invoices could be posted at random, so they would bring the staff to advertise for the sea bottom.

On the second day, she was caught by the city management. Almost even her business license was taken away. She tried hard to make a difference. She was not paid for a penny of money, and kept her license.

Yang Lijuan had thought of many ways to put up small advertisements.

She took her staff to fill the soya bean milk with a thermos, went to the nearby units to give them drinks from door to door, and went to the bus stop when they went to work.

Later, taking the bus, Yang Lijuan saw two women who dress up and felt that they should love to eat hot pot. They wanted to tell them: come and try it.

At that time, Yang Lijuan first promoted sea fishing on the bus, but her face was red with anger. The bus drove all the way.

As soon as Yang Lijuan arrived at the station, he stopped to say hello.

The two women were also somewhat frightened, thinking that Yang Lijuan was a liar or pyramid scheme.

Yang Lijuan explained that we came from Sichuan and opened a hotpot restaurant called bailing. It tastes good and the price is fair. Please go over and try it.

The two women took the leaflet of the sea fishing with suspicion. Third days later, two people appeared at the bottom of the sea.

In this way, Yang Lijuan was inspired at once. Later, the routine was gradually promoted. The sea fishing became more and more famous in Xi'an, and the traffic volume was increasing.


Business is booming and trouble is coming.

One day, 3 male diners in Xi'an branch got drunk and started to play two waitresses.

Other seafloor workers did not work and surrounded the three men.

When the three people left, they dropped a sentence: "just wait!"

In less than 3 hours, two trucks came and jumped down more than 60 big men holding sticks. They put down the tough words: give 50 thousand compensation, otherwise they would smash the shop directly!

The sea dike immediately called the 110 alarm, but after all, it took a while for the police to come. When the shop was smashed, what should we do?

It is the most urgent time to test people. Under the command of Yang Lijuan, more than 100 salesmen rushed out of the shop. The men were in front of them, and after the women, less than 1.6 meter of them rushed to the front.

Honest men are afraid of fierce ones. Saw the sea fishing this position, the 60 big men were guilty, standing across the road, he did not dare to come.

In a short while, 3 policemen arrived, followed by 3 110 police cars arriving on the alert. This time, Yang Lijuan kept her own home - fishing on the sea. She said she forgot to be afraid at that time. It was just an idea. The shop had spent so much money on decorating, so it must not be smashed!

This year, Yang Lijuan was only 21 years old.

When the police station signs a confession, the police ask who is in charge of the restaurant and who is the boss. Yang Lijuan answered with great assurance.

"The boss is Zhang Yong, in Sichuan, Xi'an, I has the final say."

No one can decide your life arbitrarily, and nothing can stop you from becoming what you want.


Relying on courage, diligence, perseverance and responsibility, Yang Lijuan made the Xi'an fishing shop sound and colorful.

Yang Lijuan was also not a time to give up. After all, she was a little girl. She worked at No. more than 100 in charge of work. She was worried about her business day after day.

Exhausted, she even called Zhang Yong directly and cried, "brother Zhang, I really can't do it. I don't want to do it!"

Zhang Yong directly trained her: business is bad, let's do it slowly. But you don't want to learn, no way! You can learn anything if you are so young.

After hanging up the phone, Yang Lijuan wiped away his tears and thought of his boss's words. He felt very reasonable, so he continued to study.

The greatest barrier between classes is ability, and the biggest opponent is himself.

In this way, Yang Lijuan came over and the business in Xi'an branch became better and better. Because of continuous learning, her ability has been improving and her position has been promoted step by step.

At the age of 30, Yang Lijuan became the only deputy general manager of the company, and the general manager was Zhang Yong.

At the age of 34, she took over all the store operations. From this year onwards, seabed officially went abroad, from Singapore to the United States, site selection, negotiations, and she personally participated.

At the age of 40, in January 2018, Yang Lijuan became the executive director and chief operating officer of seabed.

After the listing of seabed, 3.6798% of Yang Lijuan's holdings have exceeded her 3 billion yuan.

The so-called counter attack is not an effort without direction, but not poverty without change. But today's self, better than yesterday's self. This year's own is better than last year's own.

When you go all the way to the distance, you will suddenly notice that in the future, the leap of class will happen quietly.


Alibaba has been founded for 20 years and its market value is as high as about 400000000000 US dollars. A large number of Ali veterans became tens of millions of billionaires and achieved wealth freedom.

The most legendary, I'm afraid, is Tong Wenhong, who is 30 years old from Ali front desk. Now she holds 0.2% of her shares and has more than 5 billion worth. She is the most promising front desk in China.

In 2000, Tong Wenhong just sat on the moon, and went around looking for work with an umbrella on his bicycle. She came to Ali for an interview and was eliminated in the first round.

At that time, she was over 30 years old, and was one year older than the interviewer Peng Lei. The more she thought about it, the more she ran to Ali after a few days.

She did not think Ali much, but on the contrary, Ali had just been founded for a year and just moved from a few small rooms in lakeside garden to Hangzhou Huaxing business building.

She had a natural indomitable spirit. She just felt that she could be competent for Ali's position with her own ability. Peng Lei was moved by her persistence. She was hired as a clerk at the front desk.

Because of his unfamiliar business, Tong Wenhong just came to the company and often had friction with his colleagues. Before long, Tong Wenhong could not bear it, and he resigned to Peng Lei.

Of course, Peng Lei did not agree.

Tong Wenhong made a summary of himself after leaving, and showed amazing ability in the front desk after that.

She will send the Shanghai Hangzhou railway train schedule to colleagues who often go to Shanghai on business trip. When summer comes, they will arrange coffee bar to go into some cold drinks; help customers who have been calling to ask customer service to answer questions.

However, for an ambitious start-up company, the work of the front desk is far more than just asking for warmth and icing on the cake. The challenge of Tong Wen Hong is coming soon.
On September 10, 2000 teacher's day, Ma Yun invites the world to be a group of heroes. Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang, sina Wang Zhidong, NetEase Ding Lei, and Jin Yong, one of the heroes, held the first "new millennium, new economy, new network warrior" "West Lake Swords" activities in Hangzhou.

The burden of undertaking activities is pressed down to the shoulder of children's first arrival.

For the first time, such a type of activity would be stressful for Tong Wen Hong. At that time, her husband transferred to Beijing to work. There were children in the family to take, and her mother fell ill again, and her internal worries were difficult.

After waiting for Wen Hong to ease her mind, she calmed down. She felt that the activity was nothing more than a wedding ceremony. With the help of Jin Jian hang, who became president of Ali later, Tong Wenhong did a good job of the "West Lake sword". The combination of modern and classical is perfect, even now it is still outstanding.

Ma Yun praised him very much. He looked at Tong Wenhong as if he had picked up jade.

In 2000, when Ma Yun received $20 million from Sun Zhengyi, the supply of food and grass was unprecedented. After recruiting for a long time, he thought about decorating the business building.

Tong Wenhong is still the main force.

This is a very arduous task. Tong Wenhong is a layman for decorating. In her own words, "even the decoration of my home is not well managed."

Not only did Tong Wen Hong do not know how to decorate, nor did she bring any group of experts in decoration. Just on the question of which elevator to buy, the team had several meetings.

In the course of construction, Tong Wen Hong learned to control the progress and quality of the project.

As we all know, the gray interests of decoration industry are very high. But in the face of decorating companies and building materials merchants' heavy gifts and a package of gifts, Tong Wen Hong never had a heart attack. Not only did she not go into the water, she also investigated the corrupt members in the team and pulled out all the fish in troubled waters.

Finally, the decoration company was afraid: "this woman is too smart!"

Ma Yun had great trouble in the internal corruption of Ali. He sent his successor Wei Zhe personally, Ali, Juhuasuan President Yan Limin, vice president of human resources Wang Kai, Youku President Yang Weidong became victims of sugar coated bullets.

However, no matter what kind of engineering and business it takes, Tong Wen Hong always stands in the company's perspective to defend the company's values.


During the "SARS" period, suspected cases appeared in Alibaba. Ma Yun took the initiative and arranged 4000 employees to synchronize their isolation.

As the head of the administration department, Tong Wen Hong not only communicates with the leaders, reports, but also contacts with security guards, installs emergency equipment, comforts and takes care of people with fever in the Department.

At that time, Tong Wenhong was too busy to sleep. Her body temperature exceeded the standard every day, but she had been on duty for half a month. Until the company passed the storm.

She said, "I have to pick up the burden on the company to afford the company." Tong Wenhong's efforts, Ma Yun sees it in his eyes.

After administrative work, she has served as a group customer service, human resources and other departments management, every step to do their best, and finally to the Ali group senior vice president.

In May 2013, Ali decided to set up a rookie network to fight against Jingdong logistics.

Who will take charge of the rookie network? Ma Yun didn't want Peng Lei, instead of Chiang Fang, he took Tong Wenhong away.

"In my concept, logistics is done by a group of smoked men." Tong Wenhong said so directly.

She has no interest in logistics. Moreover, Tong Wen Hong is now one of the partners of Ali, and there is no need to jump into an unfamiliar field.

Ma Yun did not give up and talked with her many times. If Ali does not suppress Jingdong in logistics, then there is no way to start the whole business.

Starting from the interests of the company, a few days later, rookie COO, Tong Wen hung took office.

At that time, Ma made two requests to the rookie:

The first is delivery within 24 hours; second, the number of rookie can not exceed 5000.

During the year from May 2013 to June 2014, there was a lot of internal disputes, which led to the departure of some of the start-up executives. Tong Wenhong spent the most anxious running in period of his career.

She smoothed her way of thinking and began to find the most professional team to make up the shortest board.

She knows that logistics needs more dependable people, and Ali gene is partial marketing, so she doesn't want any one. She dug a hoe and dug to Amazon, Jingdong and HUAWEI's supply chain.

Amazon joined the logistics chain, and soon, more and more logistics professionals joined the rookie.

In 2015, Tong Wen Hong was appointed president of the rookie network.


Ma once said that I never thought of second people in the rookie network.

Under the vigorous and vigorous actions of Tong Wen Hong, Chen Dejun, chairman of STO, Yu Weijiao, chairman of Yuantong express, Lai Meisong, chairman of China Express Express, Nie Tengyun, the general manager of the express, Zhou Jian, and vice president of daily express Chen Xiangyang, these young men of origin have become strong fans of rookies.

From the first double 11 trading volume in 2009 to 50 million yuan in 2018 to 213 billion 500 million yuan in 2009, the value of Tmall Shuangfeng's express delivery was close to 500 million, but it never exploded.

In March 31, 2016, Tong Wenhong replaced Zhang Yong as the president of the rookie network. Subsequently, she was promoted to become the chairman of Ali group CPO and part-time rookie network.

A layman marched into the logistics to make the rookie network a valuation of 130 billion yuan, covering 70% of China's express parcels, and Tong Wen Hong took three years.

Many people say that Tong Wenhong is lucky enough to enter a rising electricity supplier industry. He chose the Alibaba platform and followed Ma Yun.

All good luck is not an extraordinary effort, not a long-term vision.

As a graduating college student in 90s, Tong Wenhong gave up other decent work opportunities and came to a company with unknown prospects, suspected pyramid selling and losing money, starting from a post.

How much determination and cognition is behind it.

When Ali shares were restructured, Ma was assigned to the 0.2% stake in the front office.

He said, in the future Alibaba listing, the market value will reach 100 billion, you are in Ali, do not need to go to other companies, and so on when the company listed, you are worth hundreds of millions.

Tong Wenhong waited year after year. In 2004, she asked Ma Yun when to go public. Ma Yun said, hurry up! In 2006, she asked Ma Yun again that Ma Yun was quick.

People will experience many important opportunities in their lives.

Unfortunately, most people are unprepared when their destiny sticks out. Some people even give up their chance to change their lives by themselves. They still do not know themselves and blame the world for injustice.

Only powerful enough hands can hold the good fortune of heaven. Tong Wenhong grabbed it and did it.

In 2014, the day when Alibaba landed on the NYSE, the front desk of the year turned out to be a turning point for billionaires.

Today, Tong Wen Hong has more than 5 billion of his own.


But while reading inspirational stories, we need to realize clearly that although the Chinese people's lives have undergone tremendous changes in the past forty years, the relative position of most people in society has not changed.

From the poor farmers in the fields to the flowing workers in Foxconn, this did not change the stratum; from the poor people in the poor alleys to the busy street shopkeepers, this did not change the stratum; the blue collar workers from the workshop to the cheap white-collar workers in the office also did not change the rank. It is not difficult for ordinary people to improve their lives, but to change their relative position in the society has been an arduous practice for thousands of years.

The rivers that cross the class need to be good at leveraging the wisdom of the times. They need to be bold in making the key choices. They also need to dare to bid farewell to the comfort and courage. As ordinary people, we should never have the moment to give up their efforts.

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