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12 warm words can't bear the first sentence.

shijingqinghua @ 2019/07/11

Book of Songs love story 

1, you lost me, I was someone else's little princess.

2, I want to give you a super lovely gift, but the courier doesn't want me to drill it.

3, as long as you love me, we can eat no fruit, we can roam the world, although this love will eventually return to the dust in a realistic way, but I hope at least he has been a fairy tale.

4, a mouth is your name, and your eyes are closed.

5, can you tell me a little bit about what you think of me? Just a little bit. If we hear the two of you, I will definitely go to you. I don't want anyone to let you down. I will never do it again.

6, don't tell me that you can still fall in love with other people's lies. I've never felt that emotion is a kind of thing that can be transferred at will. It's like a chemical reaction that only happens to you. I like you, seriously and earnestly, from the end.

7, manage what comes to the end, love one day, one day's gentleness.

8, if you can, when you have nothing to wander, I will be your only baggage.

9, if the whole world speaks ill of you, then I will tell you one last word.

10, from your prosperity to your old age, time has changed your face, but my passion for you has never diminished. Love you for a long time, long enough to love a person.

11, the first day I knew you, I had a hunch that you would be my daughter-in-law.

12, I like you, like old city drama, soft words.

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