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Feng Shui old gentleman warned you: do not choose such curtains, bad feng shui affect fortunes!

zhuho168 @ 2020/05/22

The advantage of the curtain is to beautify the space and block the sun pass, and it is also a necessary decoration for every family. People usually choose curtains according to their preferences, but do you know? Behind this is Feng Shui's taboo. Now let's take a look at what taboo is said by Feng Shui.

1, the design of curtains is best not to be a strange beast design, children's room is also the case, some cartoon patterns have these. These unauspicious patterns have a certain impact on families, family health and so on.

2, the bedroom should not hang fans curtain, especially for small couples is more inappropriate. Pink is easy to stir up peach blossoms in geomantic omen, and there will be third parties for marriage.

3, the curtain should not be chosen thick, using heavy curtains will affect the fortunes of the family, and disassembly and cleaning is not convenient.

All of the above are about Feng Shui taboos for curtains, and here are some details for decoration.

1, if the bathroom does not install shower room, it is recommended to install shower curtain, used all know convenient.

2, when decorating, reserve space must be reserved, that is, the storeroom. After that, I know the benefits, especially the family of East and West.

3, the living room lights are usually placed in the center of the location, as we all know. But the light in the bedroom must be gentle and warm, which has certain benefits to the eyes and the environment.