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Steam Xia urged these items worth starting to as low as 15! Tencent cyberpunk Code: SYN! Alloy warhead new code J!

steamcommunity @ 2020/06/28


Time flies, time flies.
With age, there will always be all kinds of new troubles.
For example,...

Another example is the handsome little brother who once had a lot of hair.

In the twinkling of an eye, it became a bald old man who could speak for hair restorer.

Advance into old age

In order to keep the last hair,

Even reluctantly, Altman's specimen, which has been treasured for many years, has been soaked in wolfberry.

Is this the last stubborn man's tears?

Time will change, and summer will not!
TA is always young.
No matter how long it used to be, TA will always dry you up.

Smelly brother, is the wallet ready?

Steam summer promotion guide

Guide to summer promotion

  • The fading light of "Dying Light"

-66%, the original price is 127, and the current price is (Shi Di) 43. Praise rate 95%, support Jane!

Even in hell, we must try our best to survive. Unity is the Apocalypse of doomsday.

  • Pacify "

-32%, the original price is 22 yuan, the current price (Shi Di) is 15, the favorable comment rate is 92%, supports Jane Zhong!

Obviously, it is durable. It takes a long time to feel it. Thin legs, high face and slit, have been washed. Bang bang bang, my little sister is at home.

  • Biped / Adventure

-28%, the original price is 58 yuan, the current price (Shi Di) is 42, the favorable comment rate is 92%, supports Jane Zhong!

To play with girls, you must behave stupidly so that she can feel very smart. )

Tencent technology DEMO Code: SYN.

Large Oriental cyberpunk open world

In yesterday's (27) Tencent Game Conference, Tencent photon host technology DEMO Code: SYN appeared as a major axis. "Code: SYN" is a large-scale open world FPS game technology demonstration developed by Tencent photon studio group. First, let's see a real record from the illusory engine.

The code: SYN demonstrates:

Tencent said that the original version was perfectly restored. Metal Slug "All the details", the R & D team has studied a large number of original design manuscripts and original paintings, and players will see the original contents in the ultra high quality upgrading. This is the game of the alloy warhead. subversion Sexual upgrading.

I just hope that the alloy warhead will not become the next contra.

I didn't think of it. The rebuilt little brother was too handsome.

Classic hole, hat, little sister is always lovely.

I saw more than 200 yesterday, sending ten activation codes today.

Let's continue to look at it today, 100 full five yards tomorrow.

Then send 200 yards to ten yards.

-- End --

Pictures and texts are all derived from the network.

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No matter how good the game is, don't greedy liver.


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