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To the world confession, we never stop looking for the future that the earth will continue to be beautiful.

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/05/22

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In a variety of scenes, a little noisy world.

There are too many clothes to buy, too many things to do.

There is too much excess consumption and waste of resources.

What should we do?

Can we enjoy the world together?

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From Yang Mi, Ouyang Nana and lo Tian Yi

To Liu Haoran, Wei Daxun, Chen Ran, and Gu Xiang...


This string of names is very chic, actors, performers, singers, models... Each name represents a different style and colorful life. Behind all kinds of high gloss, they have one thing in common to keep high light shining.


Yang Mi's footsteps of public welfare never stopped.


As a public figure, Yang Mi actively participates in various public welfare undertakings, and helps more people.


In life, it is also a refuge for animals to protect their lives. When they are filming, they meet with stray kittens, and live in harmony on the ~ ~ micro-blog, which makes people feel that life is more busy. The world is still soft and beautiful.

Ouyang Nana A kind of Environmental protection is a bit of life.


sound Music is the stage for Ouyang and Nana to release their ideas. In another vlog, which she is very good at, Ouyang Nana appeals to everyone to reduce the use of disposable plastic straws, pay attention to environmental protection consciousness from the point of life, and protect the earth and creatures.


Luo Tianyi A kind of Revive the green with songs

Luotianyi, a virtual singer in mainland China. Virtual does not mean "small voice". Luotianyi and her music have become a popular culture nowadays. "Dala bun" has been a divine existence since its birth. Such a existence is like the relationship between the green environment and us. Although we do not have strong feelings in our daily life, it is indeed a part of our life.



Hao Ran Liu A kind of A group of people are working hard for environmental protection.


In the previous paragraph, Liu Haoran and his mother went to the supermarket to have a round of powder. The reason was that they provided their own shopping bags and help their mothers carry their bags. In another recent "non environmental" tour, he also actively appealed to everyone to protect wild elephants and pay attention to endangered wild animals, and witnessed the Tiffany's donation to the Save the Wild series, which limits all profits of elephant shaped pendants and brooches to the elephant crisis foundation, which is used for ending the illegal hunting of elephants, cracking down on illegal trade in ivory and curbing the demand for ivory.


In January 2020, the donation to Wildlife Conversation Network was US $four million.


For this trip to protect animals, Liu Haoran said: if we do not integrate into the local life and participate in the work of protecting elephants, we may not know the dangerous and dark truth. To remove the ivory, I need to cut the elephant's half face. I can't imagine seeing an elephant like a close friend lose its life in the face of no recognition. From my perspective, I hope to let you know that a group of people in Kenya are working quietly for wild elephants.

Wei Da Shun A kind of Want to be fashionable? Let's look at sustainable consumption.


Wei Daxun's Prada show in Milan was praised by netizens as "old man". Even more handsome is that he also incarnated Prada reporter, in-depth understanding of ECONYL renewable recycled nylon, which is Prada and spinning manufacturer Aquafil joint environmental protection material.

The harm of waste plastics, fishing nets and textile fiber wastes to marine and marine animals is self-evident. Through collecting and purifying waste plastics, fishing nets and textile fiber waste in the ocean, ECONYL regenerated nylon can be recovered indefinitely through depolymerization and repolymerization process without affecting the quality of products.

The classic bag design and environmental sustainability concept make consumption a meaningful thing. The concept of sustainable consumption can make the United States more diverse while protecting all kinds of creatures.


Gu Gu Xiang A kind of Simple life makes happiness more durable.


Audrey Gu Gu Xiang, a model of the fashion of the people, is 30 years old. Many years of fashion work experience and accumulation of experience, so that Gu Gu Xiang's simple costumes do not have a preference, natural beauty is like spring breeze.

Velvet sweater + sports pants, simple and quite attractive.


Environmentally friendly cotton fabric + beautiful cut = light old woman's best everyday dress


In her work, she has a changeable style, just a sense of happiness. Every time she deducts it, it can be different. And in life, constantly charging and simply living is what she looks like. Recently, she has been fascinated by Ballet and will go to the gala performance of ballet dancer Alina Cojocaru with her friends who love ballet. Under the guidance of my friends, I appreciate the wonderful ballet.


Chen Ran A kind of Cowboy is my green attitude.

Chen Ran, double identity: fashion KOL, actor. Relying on her unique style of dress and keen sense of fashion, she has become the fashion darling of various brands, magazines and fashion activities. As an actress, she graduated from Beijing Film Academy and acted in the movie "ocean paradise" and "Confucius". She also appeared in many familiar TV dramas.

Chen Ran, who touches too many beautiful things, likes comfortable fashion in his life. The wearable cowboy is her heart, with good wearability and good wear. She performed this season's big heat CELINE cowboy style, using light colored profile jeans with T-shirt and jacket, free and comfortable.

Tao Ling A kind of Every change is a sustainable surprise.


Tao Ling, who is the publisher and chief content director of Ruili Yi style, entered Ruili in 2002. He is a veteran media and fashion person. She has had a unique view on how to be fashionable and not over consuming for more than 10 years. The secret that she enjoys the fashion, and will not be influenced by fashion lies in simplicity.



Simplicity is the best fashion value. For example, the traditional suit is open and economical and fashionable, especially the white suit coat. It must be said that it must be an excellent investment in the workplace. In summer, it can be used as a foil to healthy complexion, and it can display individual style better than other single products in winter. A white lace sling and a pair of gold earrings can be easily controlled.



He Ping A kind of Discover the beauty that can spread, and then continue to be beautiful.


He Ping, a fashion illustrator and crossover designer, has beautiful eyes. His Chinese style fashion cover painting style is innumerable, the smooth strokes and the effect of watercolor halo are unique in fashion illustration, and his passion for fashion has made him an illustrator of many fashion magazines.

In He Ping's eyes, sustainable fashion is a classic style that is enduring with style, with static braking and constant change. For example, YSL's smoking suit is both cool and feminine. Today, advocating equality between men and women and no gender fashion, it is very suitable for everyone who likes to wear a suit and can accompany you for a lifetime.



More junior partners A kind of The more environmentally-friendly, the more fashionable, the more diverse.


More and more people integrate their ideas of environmental protection, sustainable development and diversity of organisms into their own souls. Double Zhang, who loves Jungle Print (jungle printing), is addicted to it and can not help but want to suspend her love of work and go to the jungle adventure.


Jungle Print, which was so addicted to him, became the focus of fashion in 2000 when Jennifer Lopez wore the VERSACE Jungle jungle print evening dress. Google even developed Google Images for this purpose. Today's Versace 2020 spring and summer series, "sustainable fashion" concept into the design, Lopez once again put on jungle dress, hoping to arouse people's yearning and protection of natural ecology.


The buyer Buyer key is the man who buys the king. In the eyes, "nature is the most effortless fashion". As a professional buyer, her main material for spring and summer is cotton and linen. Unique breathability and comfort, plus material itself. Naturally, whether it is color or texture is very close to nature, so get her favor.

With more than ten years of writing experience in the fashion media industry, Xavier Jess Jun, a full time fashion blogger, has continued to bring first-hand fashion information through his major brand activities.

Xavier Emporio Armani capsule series R-EA brought by Jess this season is a fashion that can be recycled. All series of garments and accessories are recyclable and organic materials. Renewable wool and denim, organic cotton, nylon and recyclable wadding highlights the sustainability of this series.

Guard, take steps and stop.


Miss R's story. Miss R, a farmer's family, works hard by reading hard. Graduation of Pennsylvania Women's College And received a master's degree in zoology from Hopki University.

Later, miss R, who became a famous biologist, received a letter from a bird sanctuary administrator who told her that birds in the reserve were on the verge of extinction. At the same time, it was found that all the hippos of the zoo suddenly died, and the hatching rate of birds in the lake area dropped from 70% to 20%.


Miss R acted, and long chase and research brought her to the root and gravity of the problem -- spraying DDT insecticides and herbicides at random, endangering the survival of all kinds of organisms and human health. There is some evidence that human cancer is related to some pesticides.

Thus, the silent spring, written by popular literary language and unquestionable scientific facts, was born. Yes, miss R is marine biologist Rachel Carson (Rachel Kason). Silent spring opened the prelude to modern environmental protection, and the environmental alarm bell sounded throughout the world.

When Rachel Carson was running to protect the environment and biodiversity, some people said she was "a madman who balances the natural balance", and others satirize her: "why is a childless old maid so concerned about genetic problems?" There are too many murmurs, but she has not wavered. Her insistence and hard pursuit have sought a better future for people.

Nobel, a politician and environmentalist who won the 2007 Nobel peace prize, once said that he had been involved in the cause of environmental protection. Carson Lady's inspiration.


From the beginning of personal action to the emergence of more and more environmental agencies, the collective belief that "let the earth continue to be beautiful" has become a collective belief. such as Called by the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) The "1 hours of the earth" is known as a global energy saving activity.  


As one of the most prestigious and largest non-governmental environmental protection institutions in the world, WWF's mission is to curb the deterioration of the earth's natural environment, create a harmonious future for mankind and nature, protect the world's biodiversity, ensure the sustainable use of renewable natural resources, and promote actions to reduce pollution and reduce wasteful consumption. WWF The symbol is the panda.



More public environmental actions are in full swing, such as garbage sorting. The startling pictures remind us of the great harm done by human waste to the environment and ecology. Garbage sorting, even if we only put kitchen waste together today, is also a bright future for say hello!  

You and me, together with the world!


From Miss R's environmental protection, to Yang Mi, Ouyang Nana, Luo Tianyi, Liu Haoran, Wei Daxun, Chen Ran, Gu Gu Xiang, to environmental protection organizations, environmental protection actions, you and I practice environmental protection, so that the earth and all the creatures living on it continue to move towards the future with a beautiful posture.


In April 2020, the "Ruili Yi style" paid tribute to the world earth day with the "guardian of nature and me" electronic journal, and joined WWF's OPF earth foundation.

Click click Sounding for the beauty of natural continuity

May 2020. "5.22 international day of biodiversity" is coming. We invite Yang Mi, Zhang Tianai, Li Kun, Luo Tianyi, Lau, Li Kun, Zhang Mingen, Chen Jingke, Ma Mengwei, Hu Yunhao, friends and more partners to voice the natural beauty.

Just like the ordinary world says:

Life can not wait for others to arrange, and strive for and strive for it.

The point is that people should strive for love.


Now, let's:

Confession to the world, guarding nature.

Guarding the future of the earth's continued beauty.

Some pictures using WWF and respondents' pictures.