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10 lazy breakfast: one minute to learn the same, all simple and easy to use, even for a week is not greasy.

yi_fuji @ 2019/12/23

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In the morning, breakfast must be eaten well. When it's cold, it's standard for you to sleep late. So how can you get both sleep and breakfast?
Today, I would like to introduce 10 lazy breakfast to you. There is no difficulty at all. One minute is the same as learning. In 10 minutes, it will definitely make you enjoy a delicious breakfast without racing with time.
One, eat not greasy [pan pan fried dumplings]
1, quick-frozen dumplings to take out thawing in advance, microwave oven to thaw mode for about 2 minutes.

2. Add a small amount of oil pan to the pan, place the dumplings evenly in the pot, cover the pot and open the middle fire, do not control it, and do not turn over the noodles.

3, wait for 3 minutes or so, wait until the bottom of the dumpling is fry until golden, pour a bowl of hot water, cover the lid and turn to the fire for 3 minutes. When you hear the crackling sound in the pot, your dumpling has been transformed into golden delicious fragrant dumplings.
Two, the king of breakfast popularity [green onion egg cake]
1, 4 eggs into the bowl, add 10g salt mix evenly, then add 150g flour, and then pour water while stirring, to moderate degree of consistency. Finally add chopped green onion and stir well.

2. Pour a thin layer of oil into the pan and heat it up with a small fire. Pour the batter into the pan. Before the egg cake is ready, slowly turn the bottom of the pan to make the batter form a thin, even round shape.

[tips] there should not be too much oil in the pot, otherwise the batter will be cooked too fast to make a beautiful cake shape.
Three: the best way to eat in the morning: shallot, sesame oil and soy sauce noodles.
Plain plain noodles are best for morning eating, tasty and tasty.

1, boil the water in the pot, pour the bowl out after the water is opened, then pour in the right sauce and stir it evenly. This is the noodle soup used for noodle, taste the salt and taste, and taste moderate.

2, the pot of water to continue to boil, pour small amount of noodles into the pot, cook for about 3 minutes, boil the noodles after water control, fish out, pour into our prepared noodle soup, pour sesame oil, sprinkle some scallion flowers, [onion, sesame oil sauce noodles] complete!
Four, sweet and delicious [pancake]

1, pour 3 eggs into the bowl, 250g clear water, 250g orange juice, 10g sugar, 1g salt, 25g edible oil, and 5g orange peel. After mixing all the ingredients, pour the 200g flour into the flour paste.

2, put a layer of cooking oil on the pan, heat up the pot after small and medium heat, pour a spoon of batter into the pan, while heating, rotate the bottom of the pan, and fry it in 1-2 minutes.
Five, simple to the ultimate fried potato chips.

1. After the potatoes are peeled, wipe them into thin threads with a wire wiper. Pour a spoonful of oil into the pan and heat the potatoes into the pot.

2. Evenly spread the potatoes in the bottom of the pot, fry them until the fines are set, then turn over and continue to fry until the two sides are golden. They can be slid freely in the pan, and sprinkle with salt, pepper and chopped green onion.
Six. Children's favorite Apple breakfast cake.

1, prepare an apple, cut it into fines with a knife, pour it into a bowl, then add 2 eggs, add a small amount of sugar to seasoning, stir evenly, then pour in the right flour and stir it into paste.

2, brush a thin layer of oil in the pan, pour a spoonful of Apple batter, fry the small and medium heat to two sides golden yellow, and the children's favorite Apple breakfast cake is ready.
Seven, learn never to eat poached eggs.

1, pour a small amount of cooking oil into the pot, break into an egg, fry slowly into a poached egg, and then remove it.

2, leave the bottom oil in the pan, pour the fragrant onion into the saute, add 1 scoops of soy sauce, 2 scoops of sugar, 3 teas of vinegar, and half a bowl of water in the bowl. Add the sweet and sour sauce into the pan, then pour the fried egg into the pan, then cook it in medium heat until the poached egg becomes darker and the soup thickens.
Eight, sweet and tasty, simple, zero failure [golden corn branding]
1, prepare a bottle of sweet corn canned, fresh or quick-frozen corn kernel can also be done, but should be cooked in advance with sugar water, dry dry water in the fridge, refrigerated and reserve.

2, pour the 300g corn kernel, 30g water polished glutinous rice flour and 30g corn starch into the bowl, massage them with your hands, so that all the corn grains are evenly glued to starch.

3. Heat the pan and pour the kernel into the pan, evenly spread over the bottom of the pan. Then slowly pour in the right amount of hot oil. After the corn kernel is set, slowly shake the pan around and continue to add hot oil, so that the corn can float on the oil surface, and then continue to fry for about 20 seconds to control the oil out of the pot.

Nine, sour sweet, 5 minutes out of the pot [yogurt pie]

1, pour 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of flour, 200ml yogurt and sugar in the bowl, and stir them into chopsticks.

2, take the pot to heat up, do not add oil, pour a spoonful of batter, set the minimum heat to the side, then turn over and continue to fry until the two sides are golden.
Ten, sweet all day [banana red bean pie]

1, prepare 1 bananas, 50g honey red beans and 10 wonton skin. First cut the bananas into dices, evenly dip them on the wonton skin, then add the right amount of banana and honey red beans, then fold the wonton skin together.

2. Pour a small amount of oil into the pot. Add the banana and red bean pie to the pot and cook it in a medium heat. Keep frying until golden brown on both sides. You can leave the pot, and a banana and a red bean make you sweet and sweet all day.
Does the cold weather do not want to go to the kitchen? Learn these 10 simple and quick lazy breakfast, even a week is not greasy, your laziness to protect them!

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