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How smart is your future life? Lijia experience garden invites you to taste it.

shangyoucaijing @ 2019/08/22

Brush your face into the park, follow the intelligent guide system, sit on the driverless car to read the wisdom bookstore, or take the future cruise ship and time cable car to travel between the future and the history. This is not the only picture in science fiction movies, but the true appearance of Lijia smart experience garden.

In August 21st, as one of the off-site live experience scenes of the 2019 intelligence Expo, it lasted for a year. The Lijia intelligent experience garden of Liangjiang New District opened and opened to the outside world to invite you to experience our future life.

Lijia wisdom experience Garden

Row "
Wisdom cool road will dedusting and cooling for you.

The robot, called Wukong, is performing a dance show at the entrance to the south entrance of experience garden. As long as you wake up through the voice command of Wukong Wukong, Wukong can realize singing, dancing, monitoring, taking pictures, making phone calls and so on. The scene of "innocent circle" is numerous.

At the entrance, the locker is directly "brushed face" for face recognition. It can open the box for 1 seconds, and then brush your face when you leave.

Entering the park, intelligent scenes are presented in front of tourists.

Smart water bar, mechanical arm is pouring water.

A 2 km smart walk, after the visitor's "brush face" is registered, the high-definition camera will automatically track the movement and inquire about the heat consumed by the terminal equipment and get the ranking of the movement. Along the way, thirsty, roadside robot arm for you to pour water, service thoughtful; hot, intelligent cool road using infrared and temperature induction, automatic spray cooling, create dust removal, cooling, healthy and environmental protection of the ecological corridor; tired, and robots perform wonderful piano playing for you to relieve fatigue......

He takes you to experience driverless driving.

Not only that, the park's automatic driving vehicle "ah long" will let you experience another kind of wisdom trip, as Baidu and Jinlong automobile cooperation launched the "black technology", is the world's first mass production L4 class automatic driving bus, but also the first national automatic driving bus to run on municipal roads.

Automatic driving vehicle

It has no steering wheel, brake pedal and driving pedal. Through laser radar, multi-sensor fusion, integrated navigation system and high-precision positioning technology, the optimal path planning is realized, with the following abilities: straight line following, turning around, changing lane, overtaking by road, automatic parking and out of storage.

Each vehicle can load 14 people, and the speed limit of the vehicle is 40km/h. Under the condition of no driver's operation, the security personnel will monitor the whole vehicle in the vehicle and take up the visitor connection between the two parts of the north and south of Yun Shang Hua Lin. It runs for 10 minutes on a 2 kilometer journey, with a stop in the middle.

The "autopilot" autopilot runs in the first 20 minutes, and visitors can make an appointment through the palm WeChat Lijia applet. Free ride.

It is worth mentioning that the upcoming cruise ship and time cable car will take you to complete the long span crossing between the future and the history, so that you can complete a journey beyond time and space.

Purchase "
Autopilot sells.

Into the park, if you want to experience different shopping feelings? What should I do? Don't worry, this is really something!

Experience in the park, two autopilot cars can meet your needs. It is equipped with Baidu Apollo technology. It is a L4 class automatic driving car, which runs round the square of the starting point of the automatic driving vehicle, and provides the selling services for snacks, drinks and other products for visitors. Visitors can either stop at any time or stand in front of the vehicle, select the merchandise through the touchscreen on the top of the car, scan the body's two-dimensional code, use the WeChat applet to place the order, and buy it with WeChat or Alipay.

The goods in the Genting market are delivered directly to the home.

Experience in the park, the cloud top market with "cloud life micro block" as the design concept, visitors can order in the clouds, fruits, sausages, stone carving and other commodities will be directly delivered to the home.

Cloud top market has no sense of payment to purchase cloud products.

The cloud top market is divided into six major scenes: smart market, one book, cloud top flashstore, cloud Lijia, smart convenience service, intelligent transportation and so on. Visitors can purchase cloud products in the smart market with no sense of payment, and use the "dressing mirror" to experience the effect of clothing upper body and realize the efficient shopping of smart shopping malls.

Amusement "
Experience all day life in 5G environment

There are more than 16 5G application experiences in the 5G Museum of experience garden. The museum is divided into A Pavilion and B Pavilion. The A pavilion has an area of about 300 square meters, mainly interactive experience projects. It has interactive projects such as 5G video calls, VR virtual driving, immersive bicycles, 360VR live broadcast, VR football match, mechanical arm ice hockey, multi player VR game, 5G mobile experience and so on, so that visitors can "play" 5G life.

5G VR table tennis in the library

The B pavilion has a floor area of about 200 square meters. It takes the day of the future as the main thread, through story design, and brings together intelligent production, intelligent education, intelligent movement, intelligent travel, intelligent medical treatment and other living scenes, so that visitors can immerse in the daily production and life under 5G environment.

At the "Chongqing Red Net scenic spot", the experience garden integrates the urban cultural landscape and VR technology. Tourists only click on the net red spot on the wall, so that they can experience the cultural landscape of the scenic spot in the 3D immersive environment.

Light wall for coloring of Dunhuang frescoes

The Museum of art focuses on digital art, digital culture and digital games. Digital art plate, through VR, AR, holographic projection and other light and shadow technology, artistically displays the development track of human beings from ancient times to the present. The interactive book turning project combines the technology of paper entity book, projection multimedia, finger touch experience and so on. The text and pictures on the page can show the dynamic effect of visual frequency, 3D model animation and so on.

The digital cultural section takes the theme of the the Imperial Palace relics as the theme. The wall is painted with Dunhuang frescoes. Visitors can activate the corresponding effect by clicking on the interaction points of the wall, lighting up the picture or painting the wall.

In the digital game section, visitors can experience VR roller coaster, 9D movie, VR surfing, virtual peace elite game and immersive tourism.

Eat "
On the precipice, Chongqing delicacies feast.

When you get to the experience garden, what if you are hungry?

Don't worry, the Lijia Ya street in the garden will provide you with countless Chongqing Cuisine: Chongqing noodle, Chongqing hemp flower, Chongqing hotpot and so on.

Experience the theme restaurant block located on the cliff, you can enjoy Chongqing cuisine and enjoy natural scenery here.

> tips

During the trial operation, visitors can search for "palm Lijia" WeChat applet from August 27th to 29, and make an appointment to visit the park.

Visitors to the experience park can take rail transit line 6 to Jinshan Temple Station 2B exit, walk to the South Gate of the experience garden across the road, or use the navigation software to search "Lijia wisdom Park 1".

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Lijia wisdom experience Garden
Completed within 5 years

Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Lijia wisdom experience garden construction plan and preliminary plan was officially released in the first China International Intelligent Industry Expo in August 2018, covering an area of 3 square kilometers. Based on the four ecological parks of Baiyun Mountain, Baiyun Village, Baiyun Lake and Golden Bay, we use 5G frontier communication system, intelligent security system, intelligent environmental sanitation system, intelligent water system, intelligent energy system, intelligent sprinkler irrigation and other advanced technologies to create five major areas, namely, the three major areas of Ling Jiang, Yun Shang Hua Lin, geek community, lakeside wisdom center and innovation center, forming a functional layout of "one park five districts".

Among them, the Ling Jiang sub district and Yun Shang Hua forest area are the first phase of the open trial operation. Lakeside wisdom center, geek community and innovation center will be used as a follow-up project, and plans will be put into use in 5 years.

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