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Christmas dessert collection, beautiful, super cute, different days need a sense of ritual.

xfhongbei @ 2019/12/23

It's Christmas in a year. Now the shopping malls are already full of Christmas atmosphere. Are you ready for the Christmas dessert? Today, I want to share with you some of the Christmas's super sweet desserts. Different days require a sense of ritual.


The annual Christmas is coming. Let's make a Milu cake roll to share with you today. When you do Christmas, you must be very happy.


The strawberries that I bought the other two days were gone, and the rest of them wanted to make this Christmas cake roll, strawberry making snowman, too much, Meng Meng Da, the more lovely it looked.


Ginger is an expensive imported spice, so it is only used for important festivals like Christmas. Add ginger to cakes and biscuits to increase flavor and the function of dispelling cold. Over time, gingerbread became a snack associated with Christmas.


Goo Hof is a high oil, high sugar, which is said to be between cake and bread. The bread tastes special because it is added to wine raisin raisins and lemon peel. In Alsace, Germany and France, there must be a lot of goo Hof at Christmas.


It's Christmas again.

There are so many delicious, beautiful Christmas series desserts.

For example, gingerbread houses, stump cake, frosting biscuits and so on.

In this different day, we still need a sense of ritual.


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