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Dare to join the joint venture, and the results are pretty good, these 3 domestic SUV hard gas!

btllsj666 @ 2019/12/23

As we all know, as the leading collision testing organization in China's insurance industry, the testing system of China Insurance Research Institute is stricter. The collision standards conform to the authoritative institutions such as IIHS and E-NCAP abroad, and the source of the test vehicle is mainly purchased from the market randomly (and a small part is sent to the manufacturers for inspection), which is more objective.

From the results of the collision test of the 39 models that have been published, some of the models with higher safety coefficient in our inherent cognition are actually shocking. Instead, the following 3 domestic "hard goods", safety joint venture, let us see what is truly "people-oriented"!

Remarks: there are four parts in China Insurance Research Project: crashworthiness and maintenance economy, occupant inside vehicle, pedestrians and auxiliary safety. The rating ranges from high to low in order: G (excellent), A (good), M (general), P (poor).

Collar 01

Guidance price: 15.08-20.08 million

China Insurance Research and collision test results: 3 G

Collar 01 participated in the collision test, which is "self recommendation". It shows how confident he is of his product. Judging from the results of the same batch, collar 01 took the full score and beat the other 9 opponents except the accord and Camry, even the 3 series of BMW were destroyed.

The safety performance of collar 01 mainly comes from the CMA basic module structure, which is led by Volvo automobile, and is jointly developed by Sweden Geely Automobile in Sweden. It has the global five star safety + standard, which can protect the occupants and pedestrians in all directions. Based on the CMA structure, the developed collar 01 has a good safety gene.

In addition, it includes the ACCQA adaptive cruise with queuing function, AEB active brake with pedestrian identification, LDW lane departure warning, LKA lane keeping, BSD blind spot monitoring, CVW vehicle fast approaching warning, 360 degree panoramic image, SAP automatic parking with berths and RCTA rear intersection warning, including intelligent safety system.

No matter how many car models are used to offset the impact test or the static strength test of roof strength, every achievement of 01 is excellent. In connection with the previous C-NCAP test, collar 01 achieved five-star + results, which shows that the security performance is very good.


Guidance price: 12.58-17.30 million

China Insurance Research and collision test results: 1 A+2 G

WEY VV5, which was tested in the same batch of 01, was also one of the models with voluntary application and outstanding performance. It ranks with Mercedes Benz C200, ang Kewei and Mai Teng together in a echelon. In the three tests, the score of "1 A+2 G" is higher than that of L, civic sphere, corleao and other models.

As a high-end series of the Great Wall car exploring market, VV5 carries a new generation of Collie intelligent safety system, integrated intelligent driving assistance system, including MEB low speed emergency braking, second generation HD streaming media wide-angle rearview mirror, 360 degree panorama, intelligent parking and face recognition and other security configuration, and has achieved excellent scores in pedestrian and auxiliary safety.

In terms of occupant safety in the car, VV5 and the other three models of the same echelon appeared missing points and only got A evaluation. To say that the quality of steel is a problem, it is linked to the static pressure test of 6 tons of cars before VV5. The WEY brand CEO sits in the car with 6 tons of heavy container on the top of the head, giving laughter to the masses. The confidence rate is just a matter of assembly technology. The the Great Wall which has always attached importance to safety should be improved.

In fact, the passive safety of VV5 is particularly worth mentioning. It is equipped with CLT dynamic latch latch, front double pretension seat belt, rear row pre tightening force limiting belt and SBR rear seat belt without warning. Compared with most cars, only front row reminders, VV5 pays more attention to the safety protection of the whole staff.

Bea Dutens

Guidance price: 12.99-16.99 million

China Insurance Research and collision test results: 1 M+3 G

Tang is the flagship model of the BYD Dynasty family. It is also the only high-end vehicle currently positioned in the medium SUV. The fuel version of the vehicle has been evaluated by the "1 M+3 G" in the China Insurance Research and collision test. The performance is excellent. It is the best brand of the same batch.

In the three sectors of occupant safety, pedestrian safety and vehicle auxiliary safety, Tang fuel version has achieved G (excellent) results. This is closely related to its LCB high rigid safety body platform, side airbag, pre tightening force limiting belt, collapsible steering column, whipping protective seat, energy absorbing structure hood, intelligent active safety system and so on.

In the crashworthiness and maintenance economic part, the score is M (general). Specifically, Tang Zainai's performance on collision is satisfactory, with a full score of 6 points and a frontal crash of 5 points, better than some popular joint venture models, showing that the strength of the headstock is enough. The losing point is mainly in the maintenance economy. Considering the high cost of the LED matrix headlamp, and the damage of the cover and longitudinal beam after the collision, the additional maintenance cost is acceptable.

Generally speaking, the "physical quality" displayed by Tang is indeed consistent with its product positioning. The body strength and the protection of the occupants in the vehicle are excellent. Although the maintenance economy has lost many points, it has also proved the level of BYD's good road configuration.

Attachment: China insurance research completed all vehicle test results by the end of 2019.

Source: know car (id:idongche)

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