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The stray dog hit the heart of the world's netizens with a move.

gougou2016 @ 2020/06/27

Kupata, a stray dog in Batumi, Georgia, attracted the attention of netizens all over the world at the beginning of this year because of a super love action.

At that time, there were a group of kindergarten children waiting to cross the road before the zebra crossing.

Suddenly a dog rushed out to help and barked the driver to make sure that the car would stop, so that the children could cross the road safely.

Just like a small bodyguard who is conscientious and responsible, the dog is the local red Wang Kupata.

What makes many netizens most moved is that Kupata is not a kindergarten teacher or a child's dog. It is a stray dog.

Escorting children across the street is spontaneous behavior, and it is not a coincidence, but a "work" it must do every day.

Sometimes, in order to ensure that children can be escorted across the street, it can even wait at an intersection for an hour.

No one knows why Kupata will become the local traffic coordinator.

It can only be guessed that when Kupata wandered to the neighborhood, it was nurtioned and nurtioned by the local people, and it volunteered to return these goodwill.

Local residents said, "I'm sure Kupata thinks it's his job to care for children and help the community," Kupata showed us how loyal and responsible dogs are.

Yes, this is a stray dog who has been loved and cared for. In return, it gives love to the story of mankind.

And the energy of this story continues to expand.

After hearing the story of Kupata, the local tourist bureau took the initiative to compile it as traffic coordinator and provided accommodation for it.

It also has a star nameplate on its new kennel, with its name and "People's Choice" written on it.

Yes, it is the choice of the people. The locals love it.

There are even fans in a building in Batumi, graffiti of Kupata's giant portrait.

Everyone loves it. Everyone wants to be friends. It's the treatment of big stars.

But Kupata didn't expand at all. It was still keen to direct traffic and escort children to cross the road.

When I met fans, I was very cooperative. I took pictures, took pictures, touched my belly and scratched my chin.

After a busy day's work and attendance, Kupata will relax and enjoy his life.

From a stray dog, because of human help, volunteers volunteered to protect human cubs.

In turn, we get the gratitude and gift of mankind, and continue to use action to love and cure mankind.

The master really loves this cycle of positive energy.

Kupata not only won the hearts of the people of Batumi, but also made many netizens fall in love with it.

I hope that the story of Kupata can remind us that even if we are driven away everywhere, we will have a heart that wants to love mankind.

Killing will only make the world more and more indifferent, and only love can be exchanged for love.

PS: the weather is getting hot again. If you meet a stray cat and dog and leave a bowl of water, you can save a life and perhaps pass it on.

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