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A dog helps a disabled owner to see a vegetable stall, so that no one can take anything away, nor can he lure him to eat.

mczys001 @ 2020/05/19

A bad dog doesn't want a poor family. This is what many people understand. Whether you are rich or poor, as long as you are When a dog becomes its owner, it can follow you all your life. I will try my best to help you. In Luoyang, Henan, there is such a person. Master Liu Because he suffers from Poliomyelitis The lower extremities are paralyzed, without marriage, without children. I earn my living by selling vegetables.

And master Liu in his life, The only company he had was a dog named Niu Niu. 。 The dog is very smart. It knows that the owner is not easy to move, so he helps his owner everywhere. For example, when he sells vegetables, he will follow him. By noon, When Master Liu was going to buy food or eat lunch, the vegetable stall was not easy to move away, so he allowed the dog to help look at it.

While helping to see the booth, Dogs will look at them all the time. Sometimes, when the weather is too hot, it will catch a cold under the car, but the eyes will not leave the vegetable stall. once When someone comes closer to a vegetable stall, it will run right away without letting strangers take anything from a vegetable stall.

Some people may look at dogs and be fed up with something.

however Dogs will eat what others pass, but they will never walk easily with others. Unlike other pets, food will be tempted to leave. This may be Children in poor families are masters of the family. Now! Dogs will keep looking at the vegetable stalls, or even run for hours, until the owner comes back.

Master Liu sells vegetables for about 50 yuan a day, and daily life is very simple. But even if we eat steamed bread, the dog has no complaints at all. Instead, it eats with relish. With such a loyal dog accompanying him, Master Liu felt that The luckiest thing in my life.

Someone once It is suggested that master Liu go begging in the south. And earn more than vegetables. However Master Liu is very positive. Even though you are handicapped by your disability, you can not do that. With the money earned by your own hands, life is steady. It doesn't matter if money earns less. It's about human dignity. The good master Liu and his loyal dog Niu Niu, Who can say that such a simple life is not a kind of happiness?

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