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What is the experience of raising border animals?

bianmuonline @ 2019/11/14

If Husky is the two cargo of Wang Jie

Then border pastoral is Wang boundary.

"High intelligence quotient"

As a shepherd dog.

Border farming was first domesticated to manage sheep.

So IQ is very high.

Equivalent to human Eight year old child

And very lively and active, personality fun.

An adult border animal activity is at least one. Ten kilometers

So for the pastoral owners

Walking dogs is really exhausting.

Then I have a family. Smart and lively What kind of experience is border farming? Let's take a look at the sharing of netizens.

@ Xiu Li

Unlike a dog

Often feel that their IQ can not keep up with it.

Shortly after he was brought home, he accidentally overturned the trash can. After picking up the trash can, he could not find the dog. After the whole house turned around, he found himself standing. Put two front paws on the sofa, head down, and punish yourself.

I can pick up bananas, I can eat melon seeds, I can eat longan, peeling will spit the core.

When walking the dog on the square, it took the lead to tease other dogs and rushed ahead. The dog followed the old man rushing ahead. Then suddenly it came to a sudden brakes and then ran back into my arms. The rest of the dogs did not stop the car and rushed out.

Don't tease a dog, I tease me all about playing.

@ dull big Superman.

Overturned my understanding of dogs.

It's like raising a person who can't speak.

Too smart!

The family can not quarrel, once a quarrel, it will go to the quarrel of the person crazy licking.

My husband and I have tried many times since then. As long as we make a hit or a loud voice, it is very anxious. It will not help either side, but will block it.

A big temper can tell whether it is playing it or playing it.

Once my dad led him out for a walk, and it didn't listen. My dad scolded it on the road, turned around and went straight to the granny's house. He walked back to his grandma's home and never came home.

It is a member of our family. The whole family loves it very much. Grandma prays for it every day, hoping it will be reincarnated.

@ soda water

It is my adorable guardian.

When sleeping, you will automatically seek shelter from the light.

It was cold and bought the right kennel from the Internet, but the goose sleeping posture...

There is always enthusiasm for eating, drinking and playing. Ever since he was raised, he had not eaten with ease.

How long does it last? Even if I finish eating, I will look at me with the expression "I don't believe you will believe me."

The favorite game must be Frisbee.

It is still my patron saint.

On one occasion, I sent the courier at the door, waiting for a moment. Suddenly, it rushed down from the bed and barked behind me. Looking back, the courier didn't know when to sneak into the house and was inside the probe.

It had been calling fiercely until the courier was driven out of the door and kept yelling. On that day, I rewarded it with a big hug and a canned beef, and thanked it for guarding my virginity.

@ Meng Junshan

Cleverness does not mean obedience to the master.

It's for picking things up.

For example, I eat on the sofa. He looks at the left side, looks right, looks cute, looks hopeless, sighs and falls down.

After a while, I sneak into the kitchen and eat the sheep out of the kitchen garbage bag.

After I found it in the kitchen, he rushed back to the living room and ate the meat in my bowl.

Then? Anyway, the old man is full. You must fight.

If he hit him, he immediately dropped his paw and begged for mercy.

It was a real act to make people look at me as a mad woman who beat the gentle and pathetic puppy without any reason.

@ Tang Xiaoxia

Like a naughty child, the only weakness is carsickness.

This is the first time he has seen him. He is lying in a cage and wants you to play with him. Very close relatives. Until now, when I grow up, I am very close to people, especially girls.

The first night when he got home, he began to get familiar with the new environment. He was not afraid of life at all. As long as he was put in his cage, he would bark like a man, not knowing whether he was angry or spoiled. Sleep at night. You must sleep next to him.

If you make a mistake, you pick up your little ears and pretend to be clever.

The characteristic of our dog is carsickness, which is mostly from childhood to childhood. This is the first time that he should take a bus. He has gone to sleep directly, and he has gone to sleep.

Now when I grow up, I still get car sickness. I don't know how to call a car when I go to bed.

Smart and naughty

Lively and cute

Those who raised pastoral herd would

Be impressed by its unique personality.

And raising dogs is a test of the patient's patience.

Only dogs are like their own children.

Conscientious and responsible care

It will bring you unique.

Touching and surprise