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Murder in Ravenna: a feast between the king of East Godot and the terminator of West Rome

lengpaolishi @ 2019/12/09

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Comment topic What do you think of ancient Hong Kong banquet schemes?

Hong men banquet is a historical event familiar to Chinese people. For the famous dinner party, historian Sima Qian reproduced the scenes of two major heroes in less than 800 words. The similar situation also appears frequently in the later history.

However, the planning of banquet management is far from being original in East Asia. The Ravenna murder case, which happened in 493 ad, is the version of the western world of Hong men banquet.

The three big banquet

The control of Italy's oudo Ya Ke had deposed the last emperor of Western Rome.

The first protagonist of the banquet in Ravenna was Odo Ark, who ruled Italy. This gentleman may not be enough in the era of great national migration, but he deposed Lo Mu Ruth, the last emperor of Western Rome in 476 ad. This move not only ended the ancient Rome's national practice, but also declared the official arrival of the middle ages. But because of his barbarian lineage, he was unable to support himself as emperor. So, in exchange for his own lawful administration, he took the initiative to give the government the authority of the Constantinople in the East. But its actual status is not different from that of the barbarian kings of West Gothic and vandal.

The second protagonist of the dinner is Teodor Rick, the king of East gob, who also came from the barbarians. His group, under the leadership of father tidiemir, occupied the area of Pan nongnya and managed to escape from the control of the Hungarian Empire. He also fought against the strong east Rome empire. In the 70s of fourth Century ad, it went deep into the Balkans many times and defeated the The Danube field army several times in the East. Reluctantly, the emperor Zeno was awarded the title of consul in 484 ad. This led to theo ordic as the first barbarian leader with the title of consul.

Theodor Early stage activities in the western Balkans.

In order to alleviate his own crisis, Zeno also tried to stir up the relationship between the former two. Due to the strong fighting power of the East Goth soldiers and the occupation of the imperial Balkans, it is necessary to employ Huairou as a means of appease. But TiO made a difficult start in 486 ad, and the army entered the eastern empire. After a year of Raiders, they not only besieged Constantinople, but also cut off the land relations between the imperial capital and other parts of the Balkans.

Faced with such a bad situation, the emperor finally began to think about finding a settlement for the East Goth people, and he needed to stay away from his capital. As a result, Italy, which is no longer under its control, has become the best choice for the western strategy.

Emperor Zeno has been deliberately trying to stir up relations between the parties.

Follow the trend

He is good at strategy.

However, he was not the late emperor of Rome who only played cockfighting. He stood out in his strong army of hired troops and led them to overthrow the Western Empire. In 486 ad, he defeated the Lu Ji people who were invited to Italy by Zeno. Not only did he kill his king, he also incorporated him into his own territory. Therefore, if the emperor wants to complete his strategic plan, he must find a breakthrough from other aspects.

Fortunately, the East Gothic side is more anxious than anyone. It needs a vast and prosperous area to recuperate. In the face of practical pressure, TiO do a great conspiracy against Constantinople, but he can only adapt to the current situation of attacking Italy. In early 489, more than 100 thousand Goths began to embark on their journey. Thanks to being the premier force at that time and the support of distant Gothic relatives in southern Gaul, they defeated three times in 1 years. In the end, the East Goth people surrounded their opponents in Ravenna, and did not let the war consume too much of their strength.

Theodor In order to get land, we can only attack Italy.

However, the defeated will not surrender easily. They relied on Ravenna's interest in swamps and port topography, and kept the besieges away from the city. Although tioidook relied on strong military strength to take the lead, he could not destroy his opponent after all, and the stalemate lasted for 3 years.

Just as both sides were riding the tiger, John, the bishop of Ravenna, stood up and became another key figure to change the situation. As the third balance force outside the royal power and military power, the cleric actively travels between two powerful men inside and outside the city. Through his painstaking mediation, the two Germanic leaders reached an agreement in February 25th ad 493: Theodor will be co governed with Italy. As compensation, the latter also gave his son trennis to the competitors as hostages and admitted that his opponents were politically dominant.

Classical Ravenna is a very suitable port city.

In March 5th, King John went to Ravenna, where he had been besieged for 3 years and could not enter. In cheering the peace, the two sides agreed to abandon their past grievances and swear to treat each other as brothers. But the people on the scene would not expect such a harmonious scene to last for 10 days. Finally, the way to complete duel duel is actually a seemingly ordinary meal.

Originally, in order to coordinate the authority of each other, the two kings often gave banquet to the other side and enhanced communication. In March 15th, the king of East Godot sent a banquet invitation to him as he did the other day. The latter is not too suspicious, just as usual in time for appointment. In the afternoon, he led a number of bodyguards to Lauren's temple, which was once the official residence of the emperor noo left. It has become the residence of the leader of East Goth, and is also the most suitable place for holding banquets.

The arrival of the East Goth is destined to change the history of Italy.

The real intention is revealed in the end

The rich products in Ravenna are very suitable for rulers to stay.

According to the old customs of Rome, guests need to change to a feast before the formal meal, and then lie down on the bed to eat. But the hosts and guests of this banquet were Germanic people and naturally changed to barbarian seats. The waiter marched in, offering two kings of appetizers such as Mead, and appetizers such as snails, mushrooms, bacon and salted fish. Until the guests stop slightly, it is the pork, lamb, sausage, pheasant and all kinds of fish and other main dishes.

While eating meat, TiO dor is sure to also employ professional actors to perform dramas and juggling in accordance with Rome practice. At this time, both the host and the guests drink and greet each other, making the whole scene enjoyable. The former Italy ruler who came to the banquet ended his final vigilance.

The barbarian leaders also liked Rome cuisine after they went down south.

However, Theodor was not willing to maintain this peace. The king of East Godot knew clearly that the people followed him from the army of Pan Nanni, and with the strong Eastern Rome Empire needle for more than 10 years, and would not like to see the leader share power with others. As night fell, the assassination plan that had already been established was also implemented with the deepening of the feast. King Godot invited Odo Ark to talk to the little room on the other side of the hall alone. The latter, who drank too much, were not alert at all. They were drunk and happy to go. As for the guards around them, they were also bewildered by the smoke bombs that had been released before, and no one admonished them.

So when he came into the chamber with his master, 2 East Goth guards approached the left and right sides and grabbed his arm quickly. His colleagues, who had talked with him before, immediately turned their faces and sent a signal to the ambushed people. Ironically, due to the dim light of the chamber, the ambush with limited vision could not see the room for a while. Coupled with the disturbance of nervousness, these Knights did not find their goal in time.

The terminator of West Rome was finally killed by King Godot.

Seeing that his subordinates were so incompetent, Theodor made the decision to play in person. The king went swiftly to his opponent and stabbed the collarbone from the top of the sword with the sword. The force was so great that the sword pierced the whole body directly. The ruler of Italy, who was dying, muttered to himself: Where is God? And his enemies replied: This is what you did to my people.

At the age of 60, the generation of heroes who had ended the Empire of Western Rome ended up in treachery. His murderer was also the king of new Italy.

Al oak The kingdom was eventually inherited by the East Goth people.

Although Theodore had left a sage, fair and tough image for later generations, he was ashamed of his "King" reputation by using the dirty means of the banquet. After eradicating competitors, He not only killed all his family and his subordinates, but also destroyed the scene of the murder, and organized the literati to spill the dirty water of the breach of contract to the head of doduac. I am disguised as a victim of forced retaliation, trying to get rid of the embarrassing situation at the moral level.

Of course, behavior is proved to be futile. Because not every recorder is inferior and likes to flatter, which also allows the real situation of the murder to be restored for posterity to constantly observe.


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