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High level turbulence, a large number of employees leaving, Apple's "health care dream" to be broken?

top-trust @ 2019/08/23

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In August 21st, in the past year, Apple's health team has undergone a series of changes in leadership and internal differences in the direction of development, resulting in a large number of employees leaving.

Since 2016, Apple Corp has expressed its intention to enter the digital medical field. After that, the company set up a health team with the opportunity of Apple Watch, and has been recruiting talents to expand this team after officially entering digital medical service. Moreover, with the slowdown in sales of iPhone phones, Apple Watch, a health selling point, has become Apple's latest growth engine. However, compared with other businesses, Apple Corp's concern about Apple's health is far from enough.

According to people familiar with the matter, the tension inside the health team has been intensifying in recent months, but this kind of undercurrent started a few years ago.

Some employees no longer have illusions about the culture of the group. Some of them are successful, while others feel marginalized and unable to push their ideas forward.

Ambitious employees in the field are eager to solve the biggest problem in the health care system, which is not always consistent with the more gradual and prudent product strategy of large technology companies. Apple focuses on developing functions for the majority of healthy user groups.

Health technology has always been a major concern of apple, CEO Tim Cook said that health will become Apple's "greatest contribution to mankind".

In recent years, health technology has always been the key to Apple watch sales. drive Factors, with the slowdown in iPhone sales, Apple's wearable device sector has become a growth engine for the company.

Recently, Apple's health team has lost many core figures. Last month, Anthem, the largest health insurance company in the United States, signed several employees of apple. Meanwhile, Robin Goldstein, who is responsible for health related projects, left apple to join Zoox, an autopilot start-up company. Recently, apple health team executive Andrew Andrew Trister has joined the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation as the deputy director of digital health innovation.

According to foreign media reports, apple health team has undergone a series of changes in leadership over the past year, and its internal members are divided about the direction of development, so that a large number of employees have left.

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