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"The other party opens a friend to verify, you are not his good friend"? I was actually blacklisted by my blind date.

jianmeow @ 2019/10/09

Love is too fast, like a tornado.
There are some blind dates.
It's over before it's over.

Sister is inexplicably blacken by blind date.
See the reason
But it's funny.

Feel today's sand sculpture appreciation
You can never guess netizens. Next second,
What kind of confusion can you make?

This big brother is so worried.

The three services: That's not necessary.

This parent is really rebellious.

Pretend not to see your clenched fist.

Comments on talents from ancient times

The surface of me VS actually me.

Confusing design

Cat: Do you think I'm hot enough? 

Friends after growing up

Screenwriter? ? Hello? ?

Why do I feel so happy?

When you have a girl who can't take pictures,
General technology can't photograph this way.
She is a master of post-modern art.

Flo Bo But OK.

It is worthy of Chongqing.

Not without reporting

This is the first time I hate small yellow people.

Language genius

When mother learns the Internet Language

The principles of contemporary youth's being human

The neon brain circuit is really dead.

Xiao Ming... You have a bright future.

Face to face, set on the back.

Jay Chou is too funny.

Wear white Hanfu.

I want to give up the cat.

Originally, Da Xiong has been wronged.
Anyway, there are points in the first question.

Luckily, I am hardworking and I am going to get it myself.
Otherwise, how can I explain...

Facial expression package P chart competition

An impenetrable plot

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Slowly playing out a string?
This information is a bit big, director.
Are the roads so wild? ?

Meow today's source of happiness is here.
Everyone goes to work on the first day of the vacation.
Inevitably some are not suited.
Don't lose heart.
Eleven if the long holidays leave, will the Spring Festival be far behind?

The most humble meow in history

Share the funny moments daily!

A kind of

There are pieces, wine and the most interesting soul.

Only laugh, no cry.