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[science and technology morning 7 o'clock] millet responded to the India store sign changed to "India made" Tesla electric truck appeared......

yidumedingyue @ 2020/06/29

Good morning, technology circle.

[honeytech morning post] Eight hundred and forty-seven stage

1. sources said OPPO poaching horn Li Zonglin, general manager of the mobile phone chip.

According to Taiwan media reports, OPPO launched the independent research and development of mobile phone chip plan, tentatively named OPPO M1, not only from millet digging before the joint operations officer Zhu Shangzu served as a consultant, the industry has even heard that the general manager of the radio and Television Division of the joint venture division Li Zonglin has left, joined OPPO in charge of the mobile phone chip department.

Once honey comment

Dig up the foot = self research chip, yes, it smells good.

2. millet response to car speculation: nothing.

28 noon, Xiaomi mall issued a new product notice, the poster for the car picture, text display "car"? We are serious! " Xu Jieyun, general manager of the public relations department of millet, said that "making cars" is "nothing". "The new media students in Xiaomi mall are shaking their brains, and they have already punished the copying of the internal process norms."

Once honey comment

The young man's first car turned into a child's toy car directly.

3. drops in Japan 11 counties to stop service, from July 13th to collect App usage fees

According to Nikkei Chinese news, Didi will stop service in 11 counties of Japan, including Shiga county and Aomori Prefecture after July 1st. The service of the metropolitan government has been reduced from 25 to 14. In addition, the company also announced that it would charge "App royalties" from July 13th.

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This operation is a bit of a mystery. Is it the way I kill my own rhythm?

4. millet responded to India store signboard instead of "India made": sales have not been affected.

According to foreign media reports, Xiaomi recently changed the facade of the next store of India line, and covered the original advertisement board with "millet" with the slogan "India made". India official said that the public sentiment was mainly confined to social media, and did not affect Millet's business in India.  

Once honey comment

Ali Tencent also said: the boundaries of capital have long been unclear.

5. He Xiaopeng: the whole electric vehicle market still has about 97% of the space.

Xiaopeng automotive intelligent network technology industry park officially launched the large-scale delivery of Xiaopeng P7. Xiaopeng automobile chairman He Xiaopeng said, such as Xiaopeng P7, Tesla Model3, Wei Lai ES6 these cars, it can promote the entire electric vehicle market changes. Today, electric cars account for less than 3% of China's electricity and a little more than 4% of new energy. So there is still about 97% of the space that we can build together.

Once honey comment

If there is no "middleman" to earn the difference between Xiaopeng car, can the price be expected?

6. Tesla electric truck appeared and participated in the transportation of Model3.

After more than 9 months, Tesla electric truck Semi appeared again, and has been carrying out the related transport - transporting Model 3 for Tesla. Tesla disclosed in the first quarter of this year's earnings report that the delivery time of the first batch of electric trucks has been postponed to next year.

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It's been a good time to buy tickets.

7. the mini fan on R & D masks in Japan can be used for 8 hours at a time.

A Japanese company has developed a miniature electric fan that can be installed on the respirator. The fan is installed inside and outside the respirator through the magnet. When the fan is opened, the outer part of the fan will be blown into the inlet hood to make people feel cool. In addition, a start-up company has developed smart respirators that can be used in conjunction with smart phones. Users need to put this mask on the face mask and connect to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, so that they can dictate information or make phone calls.

Once honey comment

Facts have proved that IQ tax is never ending.

8. Microsoft China responded to the closure of the physical outlets: the Chinese market will not be affected.

Recently, Microsoft announced that it would permanently shut down its direct outlets and focus on its online stores in the future. Microsoft China responded to the matter, saying that under the Chinese market, Microsoft authorized stores and 3C electrical retailer stores were not affected by the news announcement and maintained normal operation.

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Chinese users: there is no need to do so.

9.Facebook was boycotted by advertisers, and Zuckerberg's assets plunged by $7 billion.

According to foreign media reports, Facebook has been unable to monitor racially discriminated, hate and misleading content on the platform, including Unilever, Coca-Cola and many other companies announcing the withdrawal of advertising from the platform. In June 26th, Facebook's share price fell 8.3%, the biggest decline in nearly 3 months, and Zuckerberg's wealth shrank by 7 billion 200 million dollars.

Once honey comment

Sandwiched biscuit: little zangren: persimmon is picking soft kneading. You have the ability to resist trump.

10. eradication of harassing calls, Google launched the "certification telephone" function.

According to foreign media reports, Google will begin testing the "authentication telephone" function in the United States. The company that passes the Google authentication procedure can transmit the telephone and the call reason of the enterprise and customer in advance, and record it on Google exclusive server. When the enterprise calls the customer, the telephone App on the customer's mobile phone will go to the server to compare. If the telephone number matches, it will label it as the authentication telephone and show the reason of the teletransmission before the enterprise.  

Once honey comment

Google users are really miserable, and now even the freedom of call can not be realized.

11. the world's first electric aircraft qualification certificate has been issued and can be put into mass production.

Recently, the European aviation safety agency issued the model certificate to the all electric aircraft developed by Slovenia bat aircraft company, which is the first global safety certification of all electric aircraft. It is reported that the two seat propeller is driven by an electric motor, and there is no noise and no exhaust emissions during the flight. The endurance time is about 1 hours.

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Elf ghost musk: it's time to build an aerial charging pile.

12. foreign media: the US government is considering promoting American Technology Corp's acquisition of Ericsson or NOKIA.

According to foreign media reports, in order to ensure the competitiveness of 5G technology in the US, US officials consider the federal government's involvement in the private sector, including options to promote American Technology Corp's acquisition of Ericsson or NOKIA. However, sources said CISCO has repeatedly said it had no intention of buying low margin business.

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Trump: no one knows more about buying and selling than I do.

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