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5th anniversary limit the skin and make sure the skin is full of skin. He laughs! Are there 6 new heroes on the line?

djgk99 @ 2020/06/28

Hello hello, everyone. This is Mr. strange guest.

Yesterday's Tencent annual conference did not know everyone saw it. The weird passenger turned up the message this morning, and found that there were many small partners' messages telling the strange guest 5th anniversary the guesswork of the skin. It seems that yesterday we had a serious visit to the conference, so I believe there should be a lot of people who didn't see it. Some related releases of the conference Let's take a look.

New background - three points

First of all, it was mentioned by the former customer. The next version will open one. New background story - three points 。 In fact, it is not open, because the government had already planned to make a version of three points long ago. I believe the old players should still remember this login interface.

From this picture, we can clearly see that all the heroes can be divided into Wei Shuwu except Lv Bu. When the login interface was updated, Zhu Geliang, Yuan song, Huang Zhong and Da Qiao in the picture were not formally served.

At that time, we all thought that the next three kingdoms would be launched, and then a series of heroes of the three kingdoms would appear. As a result, only one Zhu Geliang would have changed the new login interface. Strictly speaking, the version of three points was raised by the authorities very early. , But for some reason, it has not been perfected. This time, dare to take it out again. Then I believe the authorities should think that they are well prepared. It is very likely that there will be several new three points heroes in this version, especially some heroes that are familiar to us.

When it comes to this strange customer Bold guesses Now, I don't know if anyone remembers a story that the oddball had sent a long time ago. There is a new hero named "Lun Meng" who is released from the experience clothes, so it is very likely that Lu Meng will be on the line in this version. Besides, there are others. Sun Quan, water mirror, Cao Cao's commander Xu Chu, Jiang Wei and Wei Yan of Shu Kingdom, etc. These are all It may be included in the new hero by Tian Mei. But these It's a weird customer's personal guess that the current experience costume is not even a movie. It can only be said to be a hero in the future.

New hero - ah Gu Du

Since the new hero broke the news, every guest about the latest developments of the new heroes has been told for the first time, and the official is now in the process of debugging the various mechanisms of the gudu. I believe we should be able to meet with you at the beginning of the new version. For the two days, there is no new adjustment or new announcement. So, for more information about the story, we should leave it to the back and talk to you slowly.

5th Anniversary Limited skin

Then we are the most concerned link - who will spend the 5th Anniversary Limited skin this year? A lot of small partners saw the press conference yesterday, so the blame customer here is not selling off. The 5th anniversary limit of this year: Pei Jie Hu, Liuhe tiger boxing Basically, I didn't run away. Next I gave a little note to my little partner who had not seen the conference. Why is the 5th anniversary limit Pei Jie Hu?

First, This year's 5th anniversary limit will also extend the national memory series, and the theme is martial arts.

In the canyon gorge, there are also a handful of heroes with martial arts, so we continue to rule them out. The second clue to the conference is, This year's skin belongs to a male hero.

When this clue comes out, the option can rule out more than a half. Maybe someone will say, but there are many heroes in martial arts in the canyon. Don't worry. The most crucial clue is that the thread is hidden in the press conference in the form of egg. How could the strange eye be bright? Don't say much, look at the picture.

Figure 1 is the screenshot of the conference. Figure two is the screenshot of Pei Ying Hu when it changes. It can be seen clearly. Figure 1. The pattern of the flag in the little soldier is exactly the same as that of Pei Ying tiger. If the hints have been so obvious, there is no need for the guests to say anything more.

But let's talk about it. Pei Jie Hu also calculates the beautiful son of the sky, a total of four skin, remove the associated skin, do not say, the remaining three are all limited skin, to know that Zhao Yun and Lv Bu have no such treatment!!!

Finally, I want to watch. Complete Conference Small partners can poke the video below to eat.

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Well, that's all about today. What else do you want to say about the press conference? Welcome to comment below.

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