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Operators should speed up the optimization of 4G network, do you believe it? Anyway, I believe in developing 5G network.

daomawuyu @ 2019/08/23

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Recently, China Unicom announced that it will start from this year. Nine month One The day began to stop the unlimited package. According to the actual announcement, China Unicom will provide more preferential set off tariff after stopping the unlimited flow package, for example. One hundred and ninety-nine The preferential tariff rate for domestic flow above RMB is Three element /GB ; One hundred and ninety-nine The preferential tariff rate for domestic flow is below RMB yuan. Five element /GB 。 For users, it is impossible to enjoy unlimited, even if the speed limit is too low, extra traffic needs extra money. Even if someone has tasked with "speed up", the net speed is limited, but at least it is still in the free range.

Operators have ceased unlimited traffic packages.

In fact, apart from China Unicom, China Telecom is also the same policy. Unlimited meals or "end of life". There has been news before that operators cancel the unlimited package. 5G Commercial, accelerate flow release, solve user speed limit and so on. But, if we can really achieve the speed limit, 4G On the existing basis, network speed can meet the needs of users. 5G Will the desire be reduced? Of course, or 5G In the era of operators, 5G Offer unlimited package plan. I believe the next step is to focus on marketing. 5G There is no doubt about the shift.

Operators have canceled unlimited flow packages, which are not recognized by some users. Think it's for 5G Clear up "obstacles". Data from major operators in the first half of this year showed that the cumulative traffic volume of the three major carriers mobile Internet reached Five hundred and fifty-four Billion GB Year-on-year growth from the first quarter 129.1% lower 107.3% The flow rate of the Internet through mobile phone is up to that. Five hundred and fifty-two Billion GB Which accounts for the total mobile Internet traffic. 99.6% 。 Mobile data and Internet business revenue of three companies Three thousand and eighty-six Billion yuan, an increase year on year 0.7% The growth rate has slowed down. For operators, although the mobile Internet data traffic is not low, but the price (earnings) is not obvious, for operators, this is not a good signal.

That is to say, as a single business with the largest revenue ratio, mobile traffic can not provide enough kinetic energy for the growth of main business revenue. If this situation continues, it will cause more fatal damage to profits. Therefore, operators are planning to cut off unlimited packages. After all, traffic is an important guarantee for the revenue of operators. It is also the biggest reliance on the mobile Internet era. Operators will not let this revenue become a weak channel, so "limiting the flow and increasing efficiency" will become the best means.

Give Way 4G Increase speed? Do you believe it? Anyway, I doubt it.

Previously, some netizens said 5G After coming, I feel 4G The net speed has dropped a lot, operators have "rumor". Eight month Twenty-two On the same day, the Ministry of communications, director of the communications division, said in an interview with the media that the Ministry of industry and Commerce has never and will not require operators to reduce or limit it. 4G Network rate. The Ministry of industry and Commerce will further strengthen supervision over operational enterprises and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

It is worth noting that operators even say that they will not only restrict. 4G Internet speed, and even upgrading. 4G Net speed. Do you believe this? Anyway, I have doubts. In fact, it is very simple. 5G The world, 5G The advantage is that Internet speed is fast; of course, it may not be obvious at the beginning of "mixed network", but at least it will be more than that. 4G There is a promotion. This is one of the biggest selling points of operators. If operators again 4G The "optimization" of the network has been upgraded. 5G Closer to users, will users upgrade their network in time?

This is a plain truth to all eyes. Operators are not stupid. 4G It is a kind of professional ethics. Is it a bit overconfident to speed up? For operators, the biggest direction of estimation is continuous optimization. 5G The network environment and speed, after all, "mixed network" is not a big upgrade, the user's feelings is the key.

5G Is it a gentle breeze or a heavy rain?

Nine month One On the 21st, the three major operators should be officially commercial. 5G The Internet. In the early stage of development, whether it is user oriented or market-oriented, we believe that the strategies of different operators will be slightly different. If we are user oriented, we must concentrate on the layout and optimization of the network, and if we are market-oriented, we will increase more in the short term. 5G User volume is the key. For example, South Korea in the initial stage of promotion. 5G The strategy is to offer different discount packages, including unlimited use of packages, and increase operators' subsidies to stimulate the market. It will soon open up the situation. The number of users continues to rise, and now it has exceeded 100 million.

For domestic operators, will they do so? It is reported that operators have declared that 5G In the early stage of development, subsidies should not be increased. In other words, operators may not care about the initial stage. 5G How good is the number of users? Moreover, under the mode of "mixed net", 5G The increase in the number of users also means the pressure of network data traffic. This is probably one of the reasons why operators want to stagnate the unlimited package, because more needs to be met. 5G User needs. So "sacrifice" some 4G The interests of users can only be expedient. After all, 5G Under the network, users use traffic per month than now. 4G Under the network is inevitable.

Three operators provide 5G Network test experience packages, the monthly gift flow is at least 100GB The traffic demand that really runs is bound to be very exuberant. Market research firm Strategy Analytics Citing data from the Korean telecommunications department, it is said that the business is being launched. 5G Monthly average of Korean mobile users after service 5G Mobile data usage reaches 24GB Yes. 4G Average user usage 9.1GB Of Two point six Times. Korean 5G Network speed ratio 4G Fast Internet speed One point seven Times, user consumption of traffic has also accelerated. Earlier, domestic operators also said that 5G Under the network DOU (monthly usage per person) is at least 60G

stay 5G After operation, operators should first solve or satisfy users. 5G Using the word of mouth problem, that is to say, whether Internet speed is really going up will be critical. If there are obvious changes, it can be reflected. 5G The advantage is that the speed of restricting the consumption of traffic is second, and every month there is 100GB The bottom of the flow. And the comparison of Internet speed promotion is undoubtedly and now. 4G If the network is compared, only by widen the gap can we encourage users to upgrade the network. Therefore, optimization and upgrading 4G Is speed possible? Perhaps the most important thing is optimization and upgrading. 5G Internet speed is the key, including the construction of independent networking.