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Guguzi: four kinds of deep friendship, three kinds of people!

lbszzy8 @ 2019/12/23


With what kind of people, there is life.

Friends are the relatives we choose.

Day and night get along with each other, and your friends look like yourself.

Bees can find nectar, and flies can only find gullies.

To choose a friend is to choose one's own destiny.

Not everyone is fit to be friends. In middle age, there are four kinds of people who are deep in friendship and three kinds of people.


Four types of deep friendship

A good man deserves a deep friendship.

To speak faithfully and to do things is to be selfless, to act unselfishly, to act without seeking opposition, to be loyal and observant, to be humble and to be able to make a deep friendship.

Words and deeds agree. Be unselfish and firm in mind. Those who do not ask for rewards, who are stable in temperament and who do not show their face can make deep friendship.

People who are wiser than those who are too honest can not be very popular.

Kindness is the best character of a man. It is not hard to get along with such a person.

Good people are kind, grateful, and get along with them. They will not be reckless, not to be slandered, and to be comfortable with such people.

Enterprising people deserve deep friendship.

Things can be effective, poor and able to achieve.

A person can handle things quickly and effectively. He can make a little progress in the poor situation, be enterprising, and can get achievements.

Making friends is also a matter of ability.

A positive person can drive a positive friend.

A person who loses energy will go downhill with his friends.

It is commendable to give up hope and be enterprising in difficult times.

They are enthusiastic about life, have a stronger mind, have better execution and faster adjustment ability.

Making friends with such people will benefit you immense on your way to life.

A man of noble character deserves deep friendship.

Riches and honour are thrifty and dignified, courteous and not arrogant.

When a person has money, he can still live in simple life, which means that he is strong in heart and can control money.

A man has power, but he can do nothing but be polite. It shows that he is a virtuous man.

Money and power can best test a person. If a person is not thick enough, he can only be enslaved by these things.

Only those who are virtuous can be arrogant and impetuously.

Such a person, inner cultivation, personal character, are impeccable, worthy of deep friendship.

Those who can control their emotions deserve deep friendship.

Vague and undeterred, happy but not luxurious, and meritorious service unchanged.

In times of hardship, do not be afraid; when you are happy, you will not indulge; if you work hard and work hard, you will never fail.

Emotional stability is the wealth of one's life.

Those who can't control their emotions can only become slaves to emotions.

Truly excellent people, with the focus on doing things and injure the overall situation, focus on dealing with problems so as to achieve the greatest undertaking.

They are strong in heart and strong in self-control. They are our example and worthy of deep friendship.

Three kinds of people

A man who breaks his word can break a friendship.

Words and deeds do not belong to each other, but they contradict each other at the end. Gugui

A person's words and deeds are not unified, he says a set of things to do, and the mouth is full of flowers.

Words come and go.

A person is responsible for what he says, and when he says he can't do it, he breaks faith. With them, there is no sense of security at all.

Confucius said: "clever words and bright colors, fresh to carry out benevolence".

It is a matter of what is said and deceived by others. Such a person is not as good as a table.

Speech is the voice of the heart, and how the heart is spoken, and the words are in the same place. If words and deeds are not unified, it is better to break off relations.

A mercenary man can break up.

If the food is paid by relatives, if the goods are handed in, the profits will be lost. Gugui

If someone is making friends, it is to invite guests to drink, to bribe money, and to plan to harm others, so as far as possible.

Once conflicts of interest arise, they instantly turn their back on others.

In Confucius's eyes, they are "small for others".

Small people believe that the world is not maintained by emotion, but by interest.

Friends are only tools for making profits.

Such a person is not to be handed in.

Once you lose your value, he will abandon you without mercy and even sell you a good price.

Such a person, as soon as possible.

He who desires small gains can break off relations.

Small knowledge can not be solved, but small energy can not be achieved. Gugui

If a person sees only small profits and everywhere cares, such a person is not to be handed in.

They are so small that they can only see the trivial things in front of them, but can not see the long-term development.

They love to be cheap and have nothing to lose. They are always calculating about these trifles.

Those who seek small profits are more likely to see profits and forget their gains. In their eyes, interests are far higher than feelings.

It is even more common to have a gift without asking for it. Such a person will still have a good relationship.

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