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The Lakers will be two champions of the tournament.

sportssohu @ 2020/06/29

Before this season's suspension, the Lakers were recognized as one of the highest performing teams, and were also recognized as the favourites to win the championship. Under the leadership of James and the thick eyebrows, the Lakers went forward, not only after seven years' return to the playoffs, but also in the West.

Originally, after returning to work, the Lakers could maintain such momentum. However, in the past three months, Zijin army had encountered some discordant interludes. Not long ago, a dismatch storm led to the Lakers' two generals Dwight Howard and Avery Bradley involved. The two men openly supported Erwin's strike and stood opposite Lebron James, who supports the resumption of work.

Although the Lakers also had internal communication later, Bradley and Howard were expected to participate in the semi-finals. However, the effect of communication seems to be unsatisfactory. Now, Bradley has retired from the game, although Warcraft has not decided to quit, but how much can he throw into the battle and cause concern outside.

But Lakers management is clear that this season is the golden opportunity for Zijin to win the championship. If they can't stand at the top of the league in three months, then the prospect of the team will be full of uncertainties in the off-season. The renewal of the contract will be called a question mark, and James's state may not be maintained until next season. As for those supporting roles, they will definitely enter the wait-and-see mode and make their personal decisions at any time according to the direction of the Lakers. That's why, at the top of the Lakers, most of the Lakers are eager to go back to work.

It is undeniable that Bradley and Howard are very important rotation players for the Lakers. This season, AB plays the leading role in the 2 position. The output is not beautiful, but his toughness in the defensive side, his hidden value in the system, is not fully reflected in the lively data. As for Howard, after returning to the Lakers, his career first fell to a single digit. But the fact proves that the Warcraft completely put aside the pride of the old superstars and worked hard to start the blue collar. In some evil wars, the Warcraft's ability to fight and protect the basket is also irreplaceable for others in the team.

After Bradley retired, there was news that the Lakers planned to make some adjustments to the lineup. Rationally speaking, with the depth of the Lakers' current lineup, the team can completely fill the loopholes left by AB. On the bench, Popper, Quin Cook and Carlo Rosso have the ability to get into the starting stage. In the end of the rotation, the Lakers still hide a surprise soldier, Vettese, who does not output any firepower in the same position when the body and mental state are healthy.

Of course, the Lakers can also add a player to the team to make the return season more secure. It is reported that JR- Smith and Nick Yang have entered the radar of Zijin army, and they will not be excluded from the team in the future.

As for Howard, his role in the Lakers seems to be more critical. Once he really doesn't play, then Mcgee and thick eyebrows may take on more defensive tasks. Of course, the Lakers may also open the ball mode, so that Kuzma, Ma keif - Maurice and others to play more than 4.

The good news is that during the lockup period, James has been contacting his teammates as a core, after which he also had secret training with many basketball players in a mansion in Losangeles. As long as we return to work, James and thick eyebrows can still stay strong before the stop. Under the leadership of the two, the Lakers quickly returned to the title track, pushing at full speed, pointing out that the champion was no longer a word. After a series of twists and turns, at least on paper, they were still the favourites to win the championship this year. (Poirot)

Chinese:湖人两将罢赛阻争冠大计 紫金军应急响应不缺变招