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520 sisters' Declaration of love

MadameFigaro @ 2020/05/21

When Green you 2 and create 3 The younger sister needs a neat smile to greet the producer. Before the first stage of the Hunan TV station, it was not a good show for everyone. Sisters in the wind and waves In the case of no broadcasting, micro-blog read the topic of 1 billion 800 million, and the 220 thousand member of the bean paste group locked in the May topic.


Especially Liu Mintao's sister. Red high heels Airborne public topic area, known as the top circle of the elder sister circle, and her debut mode is like a great dream of the red chamber, one sister Wang Xifeng. Liu Jie said later: "this year I will be 43 years old. I do not believe that exhaustion and numbness are the foundation of middle-aged people". At the end of the press release, Liu Mintao's sister had not yet confirmed whether the program would be recorded in an extra way.


The list of participating programs is from the youngest 30 year old blue Ying Ying, who are senior professionals in the industry. Or gentle, gentle or vigorous. Compared with the "sister" group with a uniform smile, the older sisters are graceful and varied.

And this sister's victory. In fact, it is a reflection on the aesthetics of young girls for a long time. 。 In the age of 28 when she was regarded as bacon, "sister" happened to be a huge patch on the stereotyped image of "sister". You can be unique and experienced. We can see that more "sister" stands up outside "sister". They use their experience and image to Combat Age anxiety, single anxiety, childbearing anxiety and flattery.

In 2020, sisters could conquer human beings with their own charm, and could conquer the world in person. Sister is not Sister's opposite, sister is her sister's tomorrow. Today Madame Figaro has chosen sisters' Declaration of love, using their elder sister's wisdom to help us to clear up our thoughts and brave the wind and waves in the great sea of love.

???? Wei Li Zhang Refuse to accept argument ????


Louis Vuitton Song Jia

1. love is love, without any added value, it is called love.

2. I will be a good wife and a good mother. That's for sure.

3. marriage timetable? How to know this? It must have met with the right place and the right place. If it had met the right time, it could be there.

-- Song Jia


1. to measure love with money is a sad thing. Why do two people fall in love or even get married? Because of love, I want two people to walk through this life. For me, nothing will affect love.

2. love without result is not wasted. The process is very important.

-- Ni Ni

Chlo Liu Wen

1. I do not want to be vigorous.

2. love is equal, not because you are a girl.

-- Liu Wen

Alexander McQueen Na La

1. for me, nothing, no one, will affect love. Love does not need too much modification and interpretation, as long as the two people understand the idea and stick to it.

2. courageous love, encourage love.

- Na ZAH

Bottega Veneta Faye Yu

1. why do you feel that marriage is a kind of charity for women from the perspective of your men?

2. I think that in the spiritual world, men and women alike must be equal.

3. I am sure I will not rely on one person. I do not like to put emotions or responsibilities on another person. I think you will be tired and tired.

4. single or marriage... Which stage do I think is more comfortable?

-- Faye Yu

Giada chanting plum blossom

1. my life is much better than the script.

2., I have two different personalities with Luan Shu. There should be no problem in having a long life together.

3. all over the world love is the same. But he is still a lover of life and music, and has not become a greasy middle-aged man.

Chanting plum blossom


1. I am not a genius, but I am not too easy to do.

2., how are you doing? No one knows. But you are fat and not fat, you can see at a glance.

3. promises are like farting. They were earthshaking and then pale.

4. now I, you are unreasonable, remember, after me, you look down on it!

5., ask what the world is like.

-- Hsu Chi

DIOR Angelababy

1. what I want most is a tacit understanding of love. As long as a person's eyes do not speak, he can know each other's thoughts, that kind of comfortable love.

2. I am a girl with a girl's appearance, a woman's character, and a man's heart.

3. caring and loving are equal.

-- Angelababy

GIVENCHY Charlotte Rampling

1., I know I have great inner strength; I always have. I, always, always, have., always, have., always, have., etc., I know that I am a strong heart. I know that I can scratch all kinds of things, all kinds of people, and I can even live in a hole by myself.

2.I did that film just so I could kiss Robert Redford. (in order to kiss Robert Radford, I went to take the movie spy game.)

-- Charlotte Rampling


Did the sisters' Manifesto give you some inspiration?

I wish every sister can live wonderfully and hope that their sisters will have a bright future.

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