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Why do we say "poor cats, rich dogs"?

mon0896 @ 2019/10/08

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Autumn is long, and freedom is like cats.

There is a popular saying in the valley of charity: "why do we have cats and dogs?" Let's analyze it.

The answer to the 2018 white paper on China's pet industry is: The cost of raising dogs is indeed larger than that of raising cats. In China, the average pet consumption in China is 5580 yuan per dog per year, which costs 4311 yuan for a single cat. Among them, the consumption of medical and general supplies of dogs is significantly higher than that of cats.

A pet hairdresser is making hair modeling for pet dogs. The ordinary dog has changed its face and its value has increased. In this era of justice, the pet grooming industry is very hot.

The phenomenon of "raising dogs for more money" has also been confirmed abroad.

A study in the United States compared the cost of keeping pets for the first year. The cost of raising dogs is higher, about 1270 dollars, while cats are 1070 dollars. Pet owners' survey of pet owners in the United States also shows that owners spend 1549 dollars a year on average, while cats spend only 988 dollars a year. The cost of keeping a cat is lower than that of a pet dog.

In June 28, 2019, the seventh high-quality pet products exhibition in Hongkong attracted many people to bring pets to the exhibition. Driven by the heart of love, the owners will not be heartache if they spend too much money on toys, clothes and snacks for their pets.

In fact, Dogs need more money than cats, not only for real bills, but also for time. Perhaps this is the most extravagant thing. Generally speaking, dog owners need to walk for half an hour less than two hours a day, while cats do not have such a need.

Why worry is only the cat. More and more people have become "severe cats" / YouTube bloggers.

However, time is too precious for young people. According to a survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, apart from work and sleep, the average Chinese leisure time is only 2.27 hours a day, half of the developed countries. It's absolutely true love to move the little free time out to walk the dog.

The residents living in northern Guangdong and Shenzhen have interpreted "living in favor" - they have less than average leisure time, but at the same time they are the most favorite group. After all, the number of the top four cities in the top six places. To see those who walk in the community late at night and walk by dogs, they just want to sigh, "look at this guy, he is (tired) like a dog."

On the morning of November 12, 2018, a citizen walks two large pet dogs in Guangzhou's two Sha Kei park. For office workers who do not think of going to work in the morning, walking dogs is a physical activity.

Cat slaves are much happier at this point. They do not need to walk the cat. The world of dogs is usually two-dimensional. They like to rampage, but cats expand their activity space into three dimensions. They are free from the sea, land and air. They are all the world of cats. They love to be king in a small space, or even need a small box.

How cute the cat is, only the shit officials know / Youtube blogger Rachel and Jun

In short, when it comes to spending and talking about time, raising dogs does require more investment than cats.

Some cats do not like to jump up and down, and a litter on the mat is a day / Youtube blogger SuriNoel

Therefore, the dog owner needs to set aside a piece of time every day to act as a playmate for the dog, while the cat and its shovelling officer only need to maintain some well-defined employment relationship in the small room. Although you are the boss of a cat tube, it is only responsible for the beauty of your company. If you want to sell, you can get two cans of dried fish.

Compared to cats, the cost of meals is even more unaffordable for dogs.

Staple food is the highest proportion of pet consumption, and in view of this part, the total cost of raising dogs is higher than that of cats. A pet industry report in China shows that the average annual cost of each pet dog is 1600 yuan higher than that of a cat. This difference is mainly reflected in food consumption.

In April 13, 2015, Changchun's triumph Road, a pet shop called "fish well", was launched by the boss. What is the most concerned topic for owners is to let their pets eat. In recent years, there are more and more kinds of dog food / cat food available on the market, so that many people "pick their eyes".

According to a report from the pet food industry, cat food is slightly higher than the price of the same grade dog food, but the difference is not big, and the amount of food eaten by cats and dogs is much worse. People always say that "fat orange overwhelms the Kang", but even if it becomes a small "cat and pig", the staple food of a cat is only half of the smallest size of a small dog.

Orange cat is a larger cat. It may be a racial gift. It seems that no matter what you eat, you will grow fat and strong / YouTube blogger Mb vids

In May 12, 2018, a stray cat was lying idly in the newspaper on the roadside newsstand in Beijing. The stray cat thrived under the long-term care of the newspaper kiosk, and there were more and more people with good heart to help the stray animals.

Dogs ready for surgery in Xi'an, February 8, 2018. Pet hospitals are very expensive, and they will cost thousands of yuan at any time, which is more expensive than seeing a doctor.

Having analysed so much, it has also missed a very realistic point: investing in dogs and spending more than cats, probably because the owners of dogs are more wealthy than cats.

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