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Southwest Jiaotong University, Bao research fraud tracking: there are still doubts to be unveiled.

xhmrdxwx @ 2020/06/29

Is it not a fantasy that an ordinary college student wants to change his grades in research and promotion? How can we avoid the censorship if we know how to get a real score?

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This reporter: Wu Xiaoying and Xie Jiao

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Recently, Chen Yuyu, an undergraduate of Southwest Jiao Tong University, was exposed for fraud. The school promptly investigated and dealt with it, and promptly released the results to the society.

My father is a university teacher, my daughter is a student of the same school. The use of acquaintances circles, the operation of secret boxes and the benefit of close relatives have trampled on the fairness of education and made people think deeply.

Put the make-up score into the insurance research results

If there is no accident, in another 3 months, Chen Yuyu can be sent to Graduate School of cyberspace safety, University of Science & Technology China.

As early as last November, the University of Science & Technology China announced that in 2020, it was intended to receive the list of recommended exemption postgraduate students. Chen Yuyu, the 2016 class information class of Mao Sheng college, Southwest Jiao Tong University, was selected. However, before the entrance to school, her qualification for promotion was cancelled.

In early June this year, the girl was jointly reported by her classmates. During her 21 basic courses in engineering, there were many courses in the University. The school stipulates that the examination and examination results can only be counted 60 points in the research calculation, while Chen Yuyu is an exception. The students question that this is a false fabrication and trample on the rules. The official conclusion of the investigation confirmed this point.

A classmate from Chen Yuyu told reporters that last year, when the Academy recommended a postgraduate entrance examination, it was found that her grades were problematic. But at that time, the students were worried. First, she was a teaching worker's son. In June of this year, after completing the procedures of leaving school, the students of Mao's College decided to "make a sound."

Chen Yuyu was a statement of his children, and was confirmed by the school. Father Chen Fan is a good master. His mother and Hong Jie are Bo guides. The two are teachers of the school of information science and technology of Southwest Jiao Tong University.

In June 11th, the special working group of Southwest Jiao Tong University was set up to investigate. On the evening of June 12th, the Southwest Jiao Tong University issued a circular saying that Chen Yuyu, a student of grade 2016, was cheating in recommending free examinations for graduate students. He decided to cancel Chen Yuyu's recommendation to exempt from postgraduate studies.

Four courses are wrong?

Is it not a fantasy that an ordinary college student wants to change his grades in research and promotion? How can we avoid the censorship if we know how to get a real score?

Late in the week after the investigation, the Southwest Jiao Tong University announced further that Bang Xu, the dean of the educational affairs section of the academic affairs office, was privately accepted by Chen Fan, a colleague, who had miscalculated the four courses.

In violation of regulations, Chen Yuyu took part in the final examination of three courses of Engineering Mathematics Analysis MI, engineering mathematics analysis MII, probability theory and random process, and took part in the slow examination of the three courses. In the promotion and exemption score calculation, these three classes replaced the positive scores with the slow test scores of high scores.

In addition, Chen Yuyu selected the linear algebra M in the fall semester of the 2016 academic year, with a score of 62. Because of her low marks, she chose the linear algebra B in the 2018 academic year, and her score was 82. Yin Bangxu once again violating the above two courses.

Through these operations, the average score of Chen Yuyu's postgraduate promoted the main course increased from 82.457 to 85.029 points, and the performance of the main class increased from eighth to fifth, so as to achieve the goal of pushing it to a better school.

The research of Southwest Jiao Tong University decided that Yin Bangxu violated work discipline, abused his power and violated the regulations, removed his incumbent Deputy departmental leadership duties, immediately transferred from the management department, gave his party a two-year disciplinary punishment, and dropped from management post 6 to grade 9. Chen Fan violated the discipline of honest work and lost his ethics. He gave his party a serious warning and punished the disciplinary action, and abolished the qualification of his Postgraduate Tutor. Chen Yuyu was abolished and recommended for exemption from postgraduate qualification and disciplinary action.

How can such a "close relative" be fair and just?

In the official announcement, chen fan was a professional teacher at the undergraduate level of Yin Bang Xu, and the two were instructing from the same director.

In search of 8 Yin Bangxu articles included in CNKI, 6 of them were co signed with Chen Yuyu's parents.

Perhaps it is this "close relative" relationship on campus that allows Chen Yuyu to follow the wind on his way to school. In 2016, Chen Yuyu enrolled in the "Royal trump" college, Mao Yisheng college, Southwest Jiao Tong University, through the mode of self enrollment.

Students interviewed by Southwest Jiao Tong University told reporters that there were 23 students in the information class. Chen Yuyu's performance was not outstanding, but freshmen took part in national level projects that allowed only junior, senior or outstanding students.

In response to her classmates' reflection, when she was sophomore, she published a paper by SCI. In this SCI paper, both parents have signed their names.

After the school announced the results of the treatment, some public believed that a bowl of water was not leveled off, and could not be deterred. According to "Southwest Jiao Tong University undergraduate examination violation treatment method", was identified as cheating in exams and serious cheating in exams, respectively, to give detention and expulsion from school.

"Illegal make-up examination, promotion, exemption and modification, this kind of black box operation behavior of self monitoring and cheating is not cheating?" A student from Mao Yisheng college questioned Chen Yuyu: is it fair to be a student who has been expelled from cheating in exams?

According to the school bulletin, Chen Yuyu's punishment is based on the notice of Southwest Jiao Tong University on the recommendation of the 2020 outstanding undergraduate graduates in the field of postgraduate study and the regulations on student discipline in Southwest Jiao Tong University.

The reporter found that the eighteenth provision of Southwest Jiao Tong University's disciplinary regulations on students: falsify the work in prizes, awards, awards, competitions, employment and so on, and give them the warning according to the seriousness of the cases.

As the details of events continue to open, new doubts have also been raised. Reporters from the national enterprise credit information publicity system, heaven eye check, Southwest Jiao Tong University bidding notice, "Chen Fan" "Yin Bangxu" name appeared on the same company shareholders list. The name of the legal representative of Nanjing excellent chart Technology Co., Ltd. is "red and red". The shareholder is "Chen Fan". This company has successfully obtained two bidding projects of Southwest Jiao Tong University. One of the judges of the project is "Yin Bangxu".

Southwest Jiao Tong University related personnel told reporters that the school will further investigate the issue according to public opinion, and it is not clear whether Chen Yuyu's parents are running a company. Reporters repeatedly called and red Jie phone, has been in the state of no answer.

Universities must get rid of the "inbreeding" ecosystem.

This reporter: Xie Jiao and Wu Xiaoying


Recently, Southwest Jiao Tong University undergraduate research results fraud caused a strong concern. The school quickly launched an investigation, and the conclusion was staggering. It was that the chief of the Academic Affairs Department of the Academic Affairs Office of the school received a request from a colleague in private to cheat the woman in the slow examination and the curriculum substitution, so as to improve the postgraduate's exemption from the course.

Only by acquaintances, a chief of academic affairs can make rules, processes, and supervision fail, and turn discipline into paper pits, closed tigers.

The deep reason behind the incident is the "inbreeding" of University ecology.

A survey found that the internal relations of some universities are complicated. School leaders and academic experts have been deeply cultivated for decades, and human rights and power have been monopolised. The University ecology is highly closed loop, one is prosperous and the other is prosperous, and all of them are damaged.

It is precisely because "human nature is bigger than the sky" that everyone looks down at the head and sees some colleges and universities greeting the judges on the review. They also carry on the academic face with the names of their faces. In the style of work, they call their brothers to climb up and get involved in the relationship; on the economic side, they step on Hong Xianmou's selfish interests and are cheap, and even some household laundry fluids and toilet paper are reimbursed in research funds.

"If we do not break the integrity of the people, then the evil will be in place", if we do not break the solidification of personnel in some college walls, solidify our minds and solidify our interests, "inbreeding" will become more and more intense.

Colleges and universities are the key places to shape the soul of the future talents of the motherland. Comprehensively administering the country according to law and strictly administering the party in a comprehensive way will never allow universities to become outside the law. Colleges and universities must consciously build the ecological environment of fengqingqi and consciously accept the supervision of the party and the people.

Specifically, we must vigorously break the sectarianism and enhance the projection of external forces from the rule of neutrality.

Since 2018, the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision has been the first pilot reform in the country, and the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has been stationed in Provincial Discipline Inspection and supervision teams. The new leader of the group leader has not been in the University for 5 years, and the existing personnel have clearly identified their accredited status after examination. The discipline inspection and supervision group is uniformly managed by the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, and the clues are handled, filed for investigation and investigation, etc., and is reported directly to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision committee.

For the first time, the reform of provincial colleges and universities was changed from internal supervision to external supervision. The supervisor's performance, evaluation, selection and appointment are all stripped from the university structure and linked to the quality of supervision. Since the pilot, the effect is more obvious. In most universities, the number of problem clues and the number of cases handled by themselves increased substantially compared with the same period before the reform. Some experts believe that the supervision of subordinate colleges and universities can also learn from the reform experience of provincial colleges and universities.

Secondly, we should focus on changing the ecological structure of colleges and universities, and further push forward the reform from the aspects of entry, employment, training, incubation and flow of talents. Through fair competition, let elite emerge, let the mediocrity be eliminated, let the loss of relations, let the ruler out of the head, in order to achieve structural optimization and positive incentives.


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