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"Walking dog without pulling rope, human dog two lines of tears"

mon0896 @ 2019/11/12

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actually " Walking a dog's tether " The topic of chewing the tongue should not be seen in our vision again. But how often do we see those who walk out to walk the dog and play with the dog in the back?


In fact, I can also understand why the dog owner is walking leisurely along the back with his dog. My dog is obedient and doesn't bite. "Beyond this logic, there is more love for dogs.


Some time ago, a man led a dog walking around the dog in Hubei's Yichang garden area. A woman and three dogs who had not pulled the rope came suddenly, one of them suddenly. Black big dog It's extremely cruel to rush up and bite the man's puppy.


In the process of negotiations between men and women, the big dog still bites the dog, and the man drives away the big dog. Then the black dog hits the man bites. Finally, the woman is forced to pull the black big dog away, and the man is seriously injured. Be sent to hospital


But it is indignant that the women in black haven't come out yet. Reasonable explanation From the beginning to the end, the medical expenses and so on are all paid by the man himself, and then the woman is willing to admit the mistake after the coordination of the police.


We see too much of this kind of thing. What puppy does not draft to frighten the pregnant woman who is about to conceive leads to premature delivery? Last year, there was a great deal of excitement in Xi'an. Isoniazid poisoning dog incident It is said that a man in Xi'an was bitten by a dog who was not tied by a rope outside his son, so he bought isoniazid in a goose to feed the dog in the foie gras. As a result, five or six dogs in the district were poisoned, and the man was sentenced to three years for endangering public safety.


We always emphasize that others can not smoke in public places, can not be loud, and so on. Walk a dog without a rope. But so far there is no reasonable code of conduct. Can we restrain ourselves from ourselves? To create a healthy and comfortable environment for others, what do you think?

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